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This Missing Force Field Could Lead to a Dark Matter Breakthrough

The strong CP problem is one of the biggest puzzles in physics…let’s dive in.
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While you’re probably pretty familiar with the standard model—a theory of fundamental particles and how they interact—you might be less familiar with what’s known as the “strong CP problem.” The strong CP problem is a glaring flaw in the standard model that we are still trying to understand and solve.

The strong CP problem is such a mathematical improbability, physicists think there must be something else at play. In the 1970s, scientists Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn proposed that maybe there’s some undiscovered parameter, like a field that inhibits strong CP violation.

If this field does exist, then there must be a particle to go with it.

Enter: Axions.

Could axions really be the solution to the most puzzling problem in physics?

Find out more about the strong CP problem and its possible solutions in this Elements.

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The ‘Strong CP Problem’ Is The Most Underrated Puzzle In All Of Physics

“In the weak interactions, CP violation occurs at approximately the 1-in-1,000 level, and perhaps one would naively expect that it occurs in the strong interactions at approximately the same level. Yet we’ve looked for CP violation extensively and to no avail.”

Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn, Driving Around Stanford in a Clunky Jeep

“Four decades ago, Helen Quinn and Roberto Peccei took on one of the great problems in theoretical particle physics: the strong charge-parity (CP) problem. Why does the symmetry between matter and antimatter break in weak interactions, which are responsible for nuclear decay, but not in strong interactions, which hold matter together?”

In memoriam: Roberto Peccei, 78, internationally renowned particle physicist

“Peccei, along with Stanford University colleague Helen Quinn, made major contributions to physics, including the Peccei-Quinn Symmetry — an elegant theory that ties together several branches of physics and has important implications for our universe. The Peccei-Quinn Symmetry predicts the existence of very light particles called axions, which may nevertheless be the dominant source of mass in the universe. Axions, the subject of intense experimental and theoretical investigation for four decades, may be the mysterious “dark matter” that account for most of the matter in the universe.”

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  1. Avatar
    Nicolai Veliki

    When there is a good resolution formthe strong CP problem, it's going to be like 'a-doyeh'

  2. Avatar
    Nebosvod gonzalez

    This makes no sense.

  3. Avatar

    Oh there's a strong CP problem alright…ask Jeffrey Epstein.

  4. Avatar

    Gravity is not a force, it’s an emergent property of space time. Like temperature is an emergent property of the average kinetic energy of all molecules in a volume. Check out Erik Verlinde, it think he’s on to something.

  5. Avatar
    Jonathan Lebon

    "Only a 5 minute video?" I thought.
    20 minutes later after having watched it 4 times.
    "Aha…got it!"

  6. Avatar

    My husband: How are you feeling?

    Me: Like an unstable particle undergoing radioactive decay mediated by the weak force. How about you?

    My husband: Let's go for a walk outside in the daylight… no tech allowed.

  7. Avatar

    Jesus FC. Could you please speak slowly. It likes you're trying to cram too much info.

  8. Avatar

    Gravity is the experience of bends in time created by mass…

  9. Avatar

    Didnt they find the first evidence of axions like 2 days before this vodeo was released xD

  10. Avatar
    404 Error Not Found

    I believe you mean 'Field force'?

  11. Avatar

    Nassim Haramein's theory, The Schwartzchild Proton, (and presented, originally, in his overview paper titled 'Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass') solves for gravity at the quantum level, eliminating the need for fudge-factor forces like the 'strong force', which means it also does away with the need for gluons to express the strong force.
    His theory basically states that every atom is a mini black hole.
    Measuring how many Plank vibrations can fit within the volume of the proton sphere, the result he got was equal to the mass of the universe. So, within the proton, according to his theory, there is an energetic / holographic representation of every other atom in the physical universe. He also proposes that what we perceive as 'mass' or 'matter' is actually a tiny energetic 'leak' of the vacuum energy expressing itself as mass.
    The vacuum energy density within the proton is more than sufficient to explain why atoms don't fly themselves apart, because now gravity is occurring at the quantum level.
    And, using the mathematical model of his own theory, he was within the margin of error of the 2010 CERN experiment to measure the charge radius of the proton. And he published that paper a few months before CERN did their experiment.
    But leave all that alone, because we're going to look for more ways to put more 'patches' on the standard model as it is currently.
    So, even there is currently no harmonious agreement between the quantum and standard model physics, which there SHOULD be, because all matter, as we understand it, is made from tiny atoms, the priests of the realms of physics will insist on persisting in a model which is fundamentally flawed.
    It isn't that we're not smart enough to crack it (which I believe Mr. Haramein has actually done, or has at least made far more forward progress towards..), it's that we're not humble enough. I was watching a group of physicists sitting around and discussing some of this stuff, and I remember thinking, 'None of these men will find the key to unify the relationship between micro and macro physics, primarily because they refuse to abandon a model that doesn't work. But also because of the arrogance of ego, and the desire to protect their (perceived) intellectual / academic stature.
    The idea of upsetting the current model apple-cart by introducing a completely different model and theory for all of it (as Mr. Haramein has done) would be an unthinkable act of scientific blaspheme to these men. Because, their positions as leaders in the field are largely sustained by the fact that the current model(s) is / are fatally flawed, which suggests that none of them have any actual interest in tackling the base problem, at least not in any 'unconventional' way, meaning they will not depart from the currently-accepted, academically-sanctioned science, especially if it means finding the key for 'unification' between the quantum model and the standard model. If they actually solved it, they soon wouldn't be as cool, or as important, as they currently are.

  12. Avatar

    Why not just say axions are sterile neutrinos?

  13. Avatar

    No it is not

  14. Avatar

    Looking for stuff that you invented and expect to find.

  15. Avatar

    How do you go backwards in time?

  16. Avatar

    We will reach level 1 type civilization in 100 years from now. U.S government technology is 30 years more advanced then what we are using in public. We still got a long way to go to reach type 1 civilization reason is humanity can find peace in one another maybe a big war will change that and we all will then find peace and help each other as 1 state in mind its not country's anymore its earth we will all unite after 1 more big war thats my prediction.

  17. Avatar

    Dark matter is bulldung

  18. Avatar

    I'm interested to know how physicist can prove T symmetry. Have they created an experiment that reversed the flow of time so that this can be observed?

  19. Avatar

    This would be improved 100 times without the music.

  20. Avatar
    Owen Daykin-Pont

    This was a seriously impressively put together video

  21. Avatar

    Thank for the video

  22. Avatar

    i took "Strong CP Problem" to mean something different. I should take a rest from dark web.

  23. Avatar

    The electromagnetic force is many magnitudes stronger than gravity and reaches out to infinity in the inverse square law. I have a theory that electromagnetism is responsible for the currently unexplained attraction found between stars inside galaxies. After all, stars are giant magnets due to their flowing plasma. This seems far more likely to me, than the existence of "dark matter".

  24. Avatar
    Waldemar Felidae

    Man, were you in a norwegian commercial recently?

  25. Avatar

    I love videos that are technical presentations but the producers blare background music that makes you fight to hear the flucking technical presentation. Turn the sh** up, yeah, louder. You don't need nor do you want, music in a technical presentation. WTF

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