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This is why Mitch McConnell calls himself the 'Grim Reaper'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calls himself the “Grim Reaper,” vowing to kill whichever bill that he labels as socialist legislation, including a bill that pushes for election security. CNN’s Sunlen Serfaty reports. #CNN #News

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    Watch out Donald…The grim reaper has arrived and is gonna knock on Trump’s door!!!

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    we are blessed to have such a strong Senate leader

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    Why aren't you reporting on the crimes McConnell and his wife are doing????? Why???? Their crimes are ASTONISHING! They should be in jail!

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    You didn't with bengazi wasted 4 years on it

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    Should be called The Grim Turtle

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    Who ever voted for Mitch is a retard.

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    Why isn't CNN reporting on McConnell and his wife's crimes???? Are you not a news outlet?

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    You should call yourself the Turtlehead

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    The case is closed when you are in prison Mitch McConnell ! You will be locked up for life Mitch !

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    So trump loves Wikileaks yet he wants Julian Assange in jail for 170 years….wtf?

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    It's okay for a state to be socially regressive, have no draw for business, or tourism, have a low GDP, low taxes, and high federal dependency…and be a burden to all other productive states. But, for these failed states to have a strangle hold on the rest of the country, via the Senate, is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

    One Wyoming senator represents 300,000 people. While one California senator represents 20,000,000 people.

    Why should a body whose unequal representation is justified by the need to protect federalism be so central in confirming Supreme Court justices, who rule on individual citizens’ rights? Why should it have a veto on any legislation that has nothing to do with states as states?

    Around the world, most upper chambers are less powerful than the lower chambers that represent the people more directly. In the United Kingdom, the House of Lords can mostly only delay things that the House of Commons wants to do.
    If the Senate is to be justified on the grounds that states need a say, its powers should be determined by that justification.

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    Grim reaper for president. Keep blocking all the snowflake Democrats

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    hope he drops dead of a stroke.

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    The question is why is his face melting?

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