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This Is How Your Body Turns Food Into Energy

Your body needs energy to do, well, everything. But where does that energy come from? In this episode, Patrick dives into how exactly mitochondria power the cell, how ATP works, and, alas, the Krebs cycle. Buckle up!
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While we need energy to help us move our bodies and do everyday work, our cells also need energy to move their little bodies, manufacture new proteins, and make chemical reactions happen.

Our bodies have a few ways of turning reactants into products—namely extracting energy-rich molecules from the food we eat and turning it into energy.

Enter: a molecule called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. While, like you might have guessed, adenosine triphosphate has three phosphates, it’s actually the bonds between them that we’re more interested in.

And that is because the chemical bonds that hold those phosphates together hold a lot of energy. When one of those phosphates is broken off, that ATP becomes ADP, or adenosine diphosphate plus one loner phosphate.

That transformation of ATP to ADP results in usable energy that our cells can use to power our biological processes.

So that begs the question — where does ATP come from and how exactly do we turn our food into usable energy? Find out more in this Human.

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Read More:
How Cells Obtain Energy from Food

Cells require a constant supply of energy to generate and maintain the biological order that keeps them alive. This energy is derived from the chemical bond energy in food molecules, which thereby serve as fuel for cells.”

Mitochondria & ATP

“The energy currency for the work that animals must do is the energy-rich molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP is produced in the mitochondria using energy stored in food.”

The Citric Acid Cycle

“We now begin an exploration of the aerobic processing of glucose, which is the source of most of the ATP generated in metabolism. The aerobic processing of glucose starts with the complete oxidation of glucose derivatives to carbon dioxide.”

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    Wow the explaining is top! Honestly, an excellent teacher, detailing enough to understand the matter, but not overwhelmingly much, repeating things already said numerous times to help memorise and understand the topic, patience, calm in voice and the impression of joy in teaching, couldn't ask for a better teaching method to me.

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    First eat your favorite food. Then eat the poop. Rinse and repeat. Endless food. Unlimited food and energy

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    Human cell work like fuel cell. Most energy come from hydrogen and oxygen in electron chain.

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    Zoltán Halassy

    I never understood why "sugar free energy drink" is thing, because it never made any sense to me. Such a drink is a catalyst at best, but it doesn't give any energy.

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    This is way too much Science for my fat head.

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    Short answer: electrolytes

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    WOW WHAT A LOAD OF BAD INFORMATION!!! sorry, but you liver can produce all the glucose your body needs through gluconeogenisis! without taking in any from external sources. and are you KIDDING ME!! THE BRAIN ONLY RUNS ON GLUCOSE????? NOT ALL!!! THATS SOOOO WRONG!!! your brain prefers and runs better on KETONES!!!! it can run on 60 -80% of this!!! yes, it needs some glucose but your brain runs much better on ketones! so its not "ONLY" GLUCOSE the brain can use as fuel!!. so disappointed about this information from this channel! you should know better and not give out bad false information to your subscribers! I do liek a lot of your channels stuff but this is a huge mistake!

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    Watch this video and everything will make sense

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    … thanks for the video. And.. where is ketosis in the picture? Glucose is NOT the only fuel. Neither it's a main one.

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    ok very nice, but how does the body use ATP to power itself?

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    krittika verma

    Like your video. Please make something on nutrition functions.

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    I hear indian accent english when i hear pyruvate, oxaloacetate, Krebs cycle..

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    Hello, Seeker! That's just boring… sorry to say; waaay behind other science channels with this particular topic. You need to make these videos simpler and more appealing; use less letters and more drawings; more metaphors. I've just subscribed and i liked other videos, but this one: not so much. It is just advice/critique, nothing else.

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    With this level of complexity within the human body , I really struggle to understand how some people believe in evolution????

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    WuHan HuMan

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    most videos said that protons are moved to the inside of the cell, one video said protons are moved to the outside, and your video says that electrons are moved to the inside. that's 3 different contradicting videos, how am i supposed to know which it is….

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    you also forgot to mention ketone?

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    so obviously fat is the most efficient and preferred energy source for humans… hmmm

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    Robert Hoffmann

    Saying that the brain can only run off glucose is false : https://youtu.be/7bLMl6whc9E?t=447
    IIRR, astrocytes are the only thing in your brain that can "only" run off glucose
    Also, ATP creation from fat (β-oxidation) is over 300% more effective than from glycolosis : 129 vs 38 ATP molecules ..which makes glucose sound more like a fallback mechanism only capable of creating less than a 1/3 of the regular energy supply.

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    waw u are amazing

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    A plus health life

    This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

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