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This Creepy Mask Lets You Unlock Your iPhone’s Face ID | WSJ

The coronavirus pandemic means we must wear masks. It also means unlocking an iPhone with Face ID is a challenge. WSJ’s Joanna Stern tracked down a woman who created a mask to get around it.

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  1. Avatar

    Apple is overrated
    Go desi, use string phone

  2. Avatar

    Very scary stuff!!

  3. Avatar

    someone out there needs to invent masks which do the opposite of facial recognition…
    You know Why.

  4. Avatar

    Fingerprint ID was always better.

  5. Avatar

    Love seeing interesting innovation like this. Joanna, please change your password to something other than "123456"! 😂

  6. Avatar

    An accurate mask of my face can unlock my phone, okay😐.

  7. Avatar

    All these things are determined somehow else perhaps just like acceptence of 5G, oprator could charge and continue with 4G for coming years before something exceptional regarding radioactive waves, thereby could reduce burden of more investment while investment is done somewhere else to make some privilege for working class

  8. Avatar

    I unlocked my twin brother’s FaceID while trying to prove to him far the technology has come.
    This tech need some working on.

  9. Avatar

    Loser Scumbaggery on an ignorant parade

  10. Avatar

    Doh thats the whole fkn point to stop others getting into your phone.
    Stupid tw@

  11. Avatar

    then use phone's fingerprint id

  12. Avatar
    Márcio Rodrigues

    For every technological feature there is a way of "turning around" it.

  13. Avatar

    To people that say Touch ID is better. Most people that wear masks also wear gloves! So Touch ID wouldn’t work as well.

  14. Avatar

    It's an RFID transparent material

  15. Avatar
    Dominicana Se Educa TV

    So glaaaaaaaad I have a Samsung.

  16. Avatar

    what happend with Iris Id?

  17. Avatar

    Never ever have i locked my phone.It's a waste of time. Found a I phone cutting grass one day could not open it so I could find the owner. Well it's in a land fill now.

  18. Avatar

    I would rather type in my passcode 😷

  19. Avatar

    Samsung s9 iris scanner users doesn't need that creepy masks

  20. Avatar
    Clifton Parchment

    Great video

  21. Avatar

    I’m so done 🤦🏽‍♂️

  22. Avatar

    americans, too fat to draw the lock pattern, so theyll print their faces onto their masks to avoid wasting a dozen calories.

  23. Avatar

    Rich people problems

  24. Avatar

    or just don't use iPhones…

  25. Avatar

    Touch ID is more simple 😂

  26. Avatar

    i wouldn't anyway buy a mass produced 3D face mask and set that mask as FaceID for my phone, as it would greatly decrease the security of the phone, with millions others buying the same 3D facemask.
    But, it is so saddening to see the innovative lady saying she wouldn't PRODUCE and sell the masks it order to appeal a politically-correct leftist media narrative that producing efficiently (= profitable) a good that is in shortage (so it's needed in the market) would somehow be immoral. 🙁 And even worse, seeing all this on WSJ.

  27. Avatar

    Bad video. Disliked. Unsubscribed. Skipped

  28. Avatar

    Joanna is so smart and pretty

  29. Avatar

    Indisplay finger print sender is far better than faceID

  30. Avatar

    Try iris scanning like samsung maybe

  31. Avatar

    jamhacker1 IG he's the best

  32. Avatar

    To everyone saying touchID was better, it wasn’t. Anyone can unlock your phone when you’re unconscious/sleeping while FaceID won’t if your eyes are close. Also try unlocking your phone with TouchID when you’re wearing gloves as well.

  33. Avatar

    Davidhack0_ on lG is the best

  34. Avatar

    Oscarama916 is the best

  35. Avatar
    Mistress of Big Balls- TAP ON MY PHOTO

    this is like 🐨 😝 🐻 🦄

  36. Avatar

    Davidhack0_ on lG is the best.

  37. Avatar

    Paulhack01 on !G unlocked my iCloud. He's the best

  38. Avatar

    did anyone else notice Danielle's last name?

  39. Avatar

    Ray_hack7 on Instagram help unlocked my iPhone 8 plus I recommend him

  40. Avatar

    this is stupid. Then will not recognize you without the mask. There is a way to configure it with a piece of paper hidding a quarter of your face during setting up.

  41. Avatar

    Yey, OnePlus and Samsung in display fingerprint is the best

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