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This Black Hole Is So Close You Can “See” It, Here’s How

A team of astronomers discovered a black hole lying just 1,000 light-years from Earth — and its presence may hint at the existence of many more.
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Astronomers have just found the closest black hole to us yet, a discovery which suggests there could be even more black holes lurking out there in the universe.

The astronomers were originally looking for a double star system called HR 6819 — a pair of stars close enough that it can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere without any optical aids on a dark and clear night. But while observing the stars, the astronomers realized that what they were really seeing was a three body system: The inner star was orbiting around something (hint, hint: a black hole) once every 40 days, while the outer star orbited the pair from much farther away.

So how did researchers know that the star was orbiting a black hole? And what does this discovery mean for the future of space observation and our understanding of large stars and three body systems? Find out in this Elements.

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“While black holes are mysterious and exotic, they are also a key consequence of how gravity works: When a lot of mass gets compressed into a small enough space, the resulting object rips the very fabric of space and time, becoming what is called a singularity.”

Closest black hole to Earth found ‘hiding in plain sight’

“The astronomers studying HR 6819 weren’t looking for black holes at all. Instead, they wanted to learn more about a pair of odd stars orbiting each other.”

How Supermassive Black Holes Were Discovered

“Given that the centers of galaxies might harbor supermassive black holes, it was natural to check the center of our Milky Way galaxy for such a monster. In 1974, a very compact radio source, smaller than 1 second of arc (1/3600 of a degree) was discovered there.”


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  1. Avatar

    Imagine a black hole just shows up in ur room and you start orbiting it

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    Black Holes give me anxiety because it doesn't make sense.
    Some people find comfort saying you become energy after death. The black hole is the death of everything. To me they embody "hell".

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    Crazy Carrot gaming

    This can maybe be a Boson star or a plank star

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    Naughty, naughty with that quicksand reference. Stealing lines from John Mulaney.

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    Black Hole 🕳 appears to the cosmic drain through which all matter is RECYCLED ♻️ —- “hey, this bus 🚌 is barely departing”!

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    Ayyyyyy who's ready to come with me to a different universe

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    Are Antimatter black holes possible???

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    No need for the cheesy personal story I think, hahah.

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    So black holes for 2021 earth sucked into a black hole seems to track

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    He talks the whole time but essentially only says it's possibly something out there a thousand light years away .wasted 5 minutes of video time here.boring hole.

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    Well, Here's to the new space mission, a probe into the anus of a dimensional portal.

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    Black holes matter!

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    Richard Longoria

    Any more word on the possible primordial black hole in our solar system?

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    Cancer Called Human Species

    One day human will make weapons out of Blackwholes…

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    Salu omnidentidade

    Question: can a very small black hole swallow a big star?

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    Whats the closest black hole?

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    I walk barefoot on a black hole.

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    Katherine Brochey

    If you're reading this, a black hole hasn't reached us yet.

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    Sick lazy eye bro, that black hole pulling your eyes apart?

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    Tirthajyoti Ghosh

    Now I can sleep peacefully.

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    just read a physicist say that all physicists know that there is no such thing as black holes.. because of the time dilation… it would require infinite time to actually produce a black hole….. so, who knows.

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    The Death Star is real!

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    Eugênio Dantas


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    Threw The Looking Glass

    the great attractor.. boots void yin and yang

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    If we didn't know about millions of black hols existing, won't they account for that 85% source of gravity that we know as dark matter??

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    Jay Knight Logical Fantasy

    There is no need to fear black hole for we are soon as a humanity going to leave this planet and possibly achieve time travel or time dimensional shifts

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    Flex Painn From The Lo

    A black hole is a God of destruction in the sake of balance God of destruction that's what black holes are the Grim Reaper's of God's motherfuker

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    3:19 This was the best dialogue 😂

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    Hornady Setiawan

    The closest blackhole everyone can see, just take off your undies and point your arse to the mirror 😝😍🤣

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    black holes matter

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    I was about to ask: Will this explain dark matter or dark energy? But then I realized: Oops, no wait, quite the opposite, because dark energy has an anti-gravity effect!! So does this discovery make what we know about gravity even more uncertain? 😂

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    They’re not black holes. They’re actually stars like our sun that have grown so massive the light they create and the light that comes near them gets sucked inside and trapped, because it’s so so so so big. It appears black because no light can reflect from it or shine from it, but it is a star. It’s a very massive and small star, I bet it’s beautiful and if someday we can get passed the event horizon we will see it.

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    my only real question is, how many black holes do they "NOT" account for when they say we are missing X percentage of baryonic matter in their galactic orbit calculations.

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    So how do i see it?

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    Pancake site …open your path to your bottomless pit that black hole turns food into sh.. it …

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    ok but why don't you fix the damn mic? don't use voice detection, but instead always on

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    Patryk Kotarski

    Read on hacker news that planet 9 might be a small black hole in our solar system

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    Theologically speaking, if you want some interesting religious/historical context on black holes, they are described in pretty interesting detail in the Book of Enoch. Enoch is said to have been just the 7th man created from Adam on earth, so we are certainly going back about as far as we can…at least in this age, in terms of our "knowledge" of their existence. Enoch was supposedly taken on a "journey" through the "heavens" (a sort of "guided tour" if you will) by an Archangel. One of the things he physically describes seeing is an exact description of the modern day definition of black holes. He is so intrigued and fascinated by the sight of them, that he inquires as to what they are. The Archangel then goes on to describe them as the "prison places of the fallen ones who are held in chains until the Judgement." This is extremely interesting AND extremely accurate being that we now KNOW that nothing, not EVEN LIGHT, can escape a black hole.
    It ALSO say's that one day those "fallen ones" will be "loosed" from their chains to wreak havoc upon the earth, but we aren't given specifics as to exactly when that will be…nor did Enoch really even have the language tools to describe what he was witnessing since scientific knowledge between humans hadn't advanced to the point yet where we even had the words to describe what Enoch actually saw and experienced. We in fact COULDN'T understand or "unlock" what any of this even meant until fairly recently upon the scientific community's increased abilities to explore and understand better what is happening out there in "space." We can at least gather that whatever is "yet" to happen with these "black holes" as far as prophecy goes, it's going to have a pretty catastrophic effect considering that Enoch describes it by saying that the "heavens will recede like a scroll" which of course, sounds….interesting. AND fairly catastrophic.

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    why cant this guy look at the camera?

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    sarlacks are the sarlacks of space

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    Crew Tech Tips

    Black holes are invisible like John cena. You won't see em comin

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    What if we the earth is now inside a black hole

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    Now i will pretend like i understood everything

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    ali al_Hassan Al_Khashashneh

    Great ending😂

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