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This 30-Ton Robot Could Help Scientists Produce the Crops of the Future | WSJ

Arizona has what researchers call “the climate of tomorrow, today.” Scientists are using a 30-ton robotic field scanner in the state to study plant genetics and hopefully develop stress-resilient crops. Photo: Jesse Rieser for The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Avatar

    Some real junk science, based on long time failed predictions.
    And of course some Bill & Melinda Gates foundation meddling.

  2. Avatar
    Chris Gilliam Man Stuff

    One day the descendants of these robots are going to demand reparations.

  3. Avatar

    Interstellar needed this.

  4. Avatar

    Plant robot… How about The Robotany instead?

  5. Avatar
    Nickolas Crousillat

    Welp farmers are gonna be out of a job soon.

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    This guy is one of the reasons we would survive 👌

  8. Avatar

    “And the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation” …. I’m out!

  9. Avatar

    Lets just remember to have it spray water and not soda

  10. Avatar

    Ah yes with my expanded mind I came up with the clever name “plant robot”

  11. Avatar

    I was so excited to learn how the plant robot is helping the farmers of today in Arizona help save the future of the Unied States of America's plant population. I like your content. I love watching your videos. Please continue to upload more helpful/useful content on your channel.

  12. Avatar

    Only corporations are going to afford this.

  13. Avatar

    All this work is pretty much a complete waste of time. If the earth warms a few degrees it will make farming further north possible. There will be more than enough new areas of farmable land that can grow the crops we already have. Better to put these resources to other actual problems.

  14. Avatar
    Carl Fletcher Junior

    I dig this hopefully things work out for the project, especially since we have leaders that are slow to accept improving the environment and being more sustainable.

  15. Avatar

    We must stop the climate catastrophism Mafia!!!!! Human-caused temperature increase is a FRAUD!!!!!. CO2 (the gas of LIFE AND PHOTOSYNTHESIS) IS GOOD, VERY GOOD. POLLUTION IS BAD.

    World scientists sign and send letter to the U.N. warning about this fraud:



    Italian scientists sign a petition to their government warning about this fraud:


    World scientists made earlier petition about this massive fraud:
    http://www.petitionproject.org https://cei.org/blog/wrong-again-50-years-failed-eco-pocalyptic-predictions


    Statements by IPCC experts against the IPCC:



    https://youtu.be/kLmD1n044oc https://youtu.be/YYsjhz7DT1s

  16. Avatar

    Nothing specific to show just hyperbole. Collecting 15K images, spending so much free money, use woke words like sustainable, climate change, Machine learning etc & that's it? What are these guys doing actually? Seems like a waste of money for leftist liberal ideas. Tell me I am wrong?

  17. Avatar

    How about the seeds? Not how you plant them but what are you planting! We don’t want GMO

  18. Avatar

    So humans will live like gods and robots will do the dirty work? Nice.

  19. Avatar

    Nah it will not working, the profit will not cover the robot cost

  20. Avatar

    30 ton robot makes gmo look like organic

  21. Avatar
    samantha Keening

    I know of a more advanced robot that can do this I call it the farmer.

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