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Theresa May reacts in shock as Michael Gove addresses Brexit security fears

Theresa May reacted in shock as Michael Gove claimed the UK can ‘co-operate more effectively’ in many areas over border security outside the EU than ‘we ever could inside’. The Conservative former prime minister also appeared to mouth ‘utter rubbish’ in the Commons, after she accused the government of being ‘resigned to the prospect of no deal’ and asked the Cabinet Office minister about access to security databases.

Speaking in parliament on Monday, May said neither Gove nor Boris Johnson had mentioned security in recent statements, adding: “Will [Gove] confirm that if the UK walks away with no-deal then our police and law enforcement agencies will no longer have the necessary access to databases, such as PNR (passenger name record), in order to continue to identify and catch criminals and potential terrorists in order to keep us safe?’

Gove responded that ‘significant progress’ had been made over security co-operation

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  1. Avatar

    Theresa is getting further towards the back 😂

  2. Avatar

    Well done, Gove: "no deal is better than a bad deal" – spiking Theresa May with her own lines. Unfortunately, she never meant it and would have taken any deal the EU offered her.

  3. Avatar

    With your record I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you.

  4. Avatar

    Remoaner May at it again. Care home calling you MAY

  5. Avatar

    That put her back in her box,well done Michael!

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    BeeBeeThree Adventures.

    Shocking prime minister and bad advert for women

  7. Avatar

    Love reading all the racist dinosaurs that are due for extinction

  8. Avatar

    we will have control over our borders , something may would give away

  9. Avatar

    Read the Political declaration, Treasonous May agreed to hand over control of our Defence and Intelligence services to the EU, another back stabbing act like Blair who was paid millions by the EU (as a PEACE ambassador!!) for giving away Billions of our rebate.

  10. Avatar

    no deal is the worst deal.
    brexit was funded to crash the pound and that is the only plan this current government has.

  11. Avatar

    Behold – the dancing stick insect has something to say – doesn't she realise the damage she done whilst Prime Minister. There is no comeback for you dear – do the right thing and just fade away.

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    LOL what is she on about? She is one of the people protecting the terrorists

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    I'm sorry, he's a very clever person but I honestly can't get away with somebody that reminds me of elmer fudd ?. I know I'm shallow sorry !

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    People keep quoting May for her "no deal is better than a bad deal" but let's put this back in the context where her government would have to deliver Brexit and manage the negotiations with the EU. You can't negotiate and get the best for the UK if you show that you're willing to do anything to avoid a no-deal.

    Yes, Theresa May has not been the greatest PM, far from it and her downfall was to try to find a compromise which ended up pleasing no one. Her question was perfectly legitimate, despite her own past and what policies have gone through under her own government.

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    Five Eyes Nation

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    Surprised May would show her face after lieing to us over and over. then selling us out at every chance and working with the EU to trap us and punish the UK for years to come.Glad that lot lost power and hope Boris breaks the mould and sticks to what he says.not many politicians do so i wont hold my breath

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    Former Speaker Baroness Boothroyd has condemned the actions of the prime minister over his post-Brexit bill.

    The government has said the UK Internal Market Bill will allow ministers to "break international law" in a limited way.

    But the crossbench peer said she had "never witnessed such a collapse of the people's trust in a government", saying Boris Johnson "promised so much and so quickly, and is now groping for desperate solutions to problems they said would never arise".

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    Theresa May you don’t care about the UK.
    UK is an independent country.

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    Éamonn Síoċáin

    More than terrorists, Anglo arrogance is its own worst enemy.

  20. Avatar

    Pointless women.

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    Without EU, we have Interpol, USA, the "five eyes", and many more sources of "international intelligence" sharing ~ much better than the EU.

  22. Avatar

    Ah The Guardian….went the way of 'GILLETTE'

    Mrs May……… many in the UK consider the Criminals ARE the EU.

  23. Avatar

    I’m just glad Treason May is now on the back benches

  24. Avatar

    The answer is long but equals nothing.

  25. Avatar

    I'm afraid Teresa May was more interested in keeping us in. I really have no interest at all in the opinion of the rather personality free lady.

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    Don't Make The Black Kids Angry

    Stuff the jues and juessess and stuff blm too

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