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'Their flag will not fly': Russia given four-year ban for doping offences

Russia will be banned from the Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar after the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) voted unanimously to ban them for doping offences. Russia now has 21 days to appeal against the decision. Individual athletes will be able to compete, however they will not be able to represent Russia but instead compete under a neutral banner. As long as they can prove they are drug free
Russia banned from Tokyo Olympics and football World Cup

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    Скиф Скиф

    It's the beginning of the end of putin's cheating on sport.Bravo

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    Maybe Russian athletes can use the Soviet flag?

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    Cheating Russia… what can you exoect from a 3rd world S***hole…

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    This is the end of Olympic games. Olympics without Russia is not Olympics anymore. Let's face it.

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    what a disgrace
    WADA=american corruption
    WADA is no Ionger credibIe as doping agency
    something boxing fans have known for a Iong time

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    'Their flag will not fly' – this was the main reason.

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    ban corrupt Olympic executives

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    Where was wada when their golden boy Lance Armstrong doped?

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    The flag will always fly in Russia where it is loved and respected

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    We all know you are run by the American Democratic party.

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    Nothing will stop our flag from flying. No corrupt Russophobic organization, nothing.

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