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The World Behind ‘Tiger King’: Why There Are So Many Big Cats in the U.S. | WSJ

The Netflix documentary series “Tiger King” sheds light on the culture of tiger ownership in the U.S., but doesn’t reveal how prolific this culture really is. This video explains the patchwork of state laws that makes private ownership of tigers hard to regulate. Illustration: Carter McCall/WSJ

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  1. Avatar

    isnt having tigers in captivity better than having none at all

  2. Avatar

    Those are the X-Men of tigers. Genetic mutation…

  3. Avatar

    the love for carnivorous exotic animals for the few to show dOmInAnCe is centuries old tradition..
    No difference between the chinese and an avg murican

  4. Avatar
    Bhoopendra Singh

    Maybe they'll learn to eat extra cheese/bacon burgers in time and become Maximum Murica tigers…
    Jokes apart, 15000 is a big number "if left unattended", this is bound to conflict with local population in a decade or so once they reach like 30,000 or more. Individual Tigers usually have huge territories.

  5. Avatar

    Caught ,bread, and bought

  6. Avatar

    Welcome to America, the "first world country" which thinks owning an exotic wild animal is "cool" or that helps in conservation… What a joke!
    Big cats and all other wild animals belong in the wild and in sanctuaries.. Not in the hands or human individuals like Joe exotic or carol.Period.

  7. Avatar

    All the white tigers came from a single white tiger from india decades ago. Zero diversity

  8. Avatar

    America or China, which country is more messed up !

  9. Avatar

    The next Netflix Special – Guns, Tigers and Trump. Drumpf succeeds in devolving the US post virus, now it is overrun by Tigers and gun toting ‘collectors’ shouting Freedom.

  10. Avatar

    everytime she says iiiieeeaaand i want to kill myself

  11. Avatar

    Its all about inflating one's own ego of owning a big dangerous "pet"

  12. Avatar

    Mask buy now for online

  13. Avatar
    Canadian Listener

    The final comment. Americans love tigers because. . . No, no, no this is not love or like. Love would be to respect and honour this species in their native habitat and support their welfare in that habitat. Legislation should definitely be enacted to absolutely prevent private ownership. One captive tiger is too many. 10,000 is 10,000 too many.

  14. Avatar

    I think is egotistical of us humans to assume that if we reintroduced a tiger back into the wild that they would not be able to survive. I say that because the same tigers in captivity attack their owners. Now everybody has those Natural Instincts in them. That's like saying if you take a human being and put them on a date tonight how they will be able to survive. Well they would have to figure out how to survive. And I seriously think that it's more about humans and it is about wow life at this point. Because if all humans was wiped off the Earth what do you think your pets are going to? They are going to survive. There are dozens stories where pets have eaten their owners when their owners have found dead in their home. They're only loyal to us because we feed them. They have their own Instinct. And I truly believe that if we can put a man on the moon that we can take tigers in captivity and introduce them into the wild through a very slow process. They will figure it out. Once you get back into your natural state it will come out of you.

  15. Avatar

    White tigers don't need to be inbred to reproduce. It's a genetic trait that can be done with two regular tigers, if the breeders do genetic testing usually done with multiple universities.

  16. Avatar

    Joe exotic is an hero and he should be released from jail right now

  17. Avatar

    So let me get this right there are laws and rules about your how you can treat your dog or house cat then for apex animals. Welcome to America.

  18. Avatar

    Hello everyone. Come to my channel to see the almost never seen before footage of JOE EXOTIC CRYING WHILE TELLING THE TRAGIC STORY OF HIS BROTHER

  19. Avatar

    Dear WSJ can you interview more than one person for your videos? This is just lazy journalism.

  20. Avatar

    Man this is cruel to the tigers

  21. Avatar

    Moses told long time ago

  22. Avatar

    So government regulation made things worse. Surprise Surprise

  23. Avatar

    All domestic animals where once wild animals whats the difference a dog is a wolf that has been inbreed and domesticated for years America is literally a walking contradiction

  24. Avatar

    If that´s the way they are gonna survive it´s OK but I dont wanna hear about exploiting farms or something I am It about

  25. Avatar

    One has to wonder, why there are no wild tigers in the US yet. I mean many of these breeders over produce, have problems to get rid of there cubs and the natural range of the tiger has climates both hotter and colder than the united states. So it wouldn't be impossible for a tiger to survive, so why are there None?

  26. Avatar

    Bruh there is more corona deaths than tigers it’s ok

  27. Avatar
    Jerome Manoharan

    Why on earth does someone want to own a tiger privately. To show that they are wealthy. Disgusting.

  28. Avatar

    Worried about creating a precedent to ban all exotic pets…yeah, don’t see the problem there. We have domesticated animals in shelters that need homes. You don’t a tiger, fox, or even exotic lizard for companionship.

  29. Avatar

    I will NOT sit through a 15 second ad STOP IT

  30. Avatar

    Notorious country with sick and idiotic people.

  31. Avatar

    All of those freaks thinking it's cool to own and submit the tigers to much too small enclosures etc, should really be in prison for animal cruelty.

  32. Avatar

    Seems like only white people own big cats. If more minorities owned big cats, they would ban it quicker…

  33. Avatar

    I look down…. is it toger in the woods or is it a captive toger?

  34. Avatar

    Im so ashamed of humans … we are so disgusting … while watching this video … some tigers are being abused … zoo is not the solution … set them free in a large secured place … stop interfering in bad ways … why do americans watch such doc? animals are not for profit … wake up !

  35. Avatar

    Let me guess, the solution is to kill the tigers, I mean "humanely euthanize" them. Also this generic tiger label and the whole genetic pollution is eugenics applied to animals.

  36. Avatar

    So, I guess Generic Tiger = American Tiger, a new subspecies 🙂

  37. Avatar

    Whose this chick? You know she's talking to your manager

  38. Avatar

    From Exotic Cats to Exotic Virus . . U.S loves them all !

  39. Avatar

    Release them in the wild!

  40. Avatar

    America is a strange, terrible country.

  41. Avatar

    Here is my opinion and I dont care if its controversial
    If you buy a tiger and that tiger kills you, that is natural selection at its finest. And you were probably going to die of something stupid anyway

  42. Avatar

    What do they mean “generic” tiger. Acting like they created something. It’s still a tiger and still and animal that has been. Breeding it doesn’t mean you created something that wasn’t already there. I say all that to say there should be normal regulations

  43. Avatar

    I dont really see what the problem is here. It does nothing to affect their survival as a species. It's a sideshow and we do far worse in this country to a variety of animals – unstunned religious slaughter is legal for example.

    We should be regulating the practice as a whole: generic tigers only, how tigers specifically are to be treated, requiring armed staff, legal liability questions explicitly answered, etc.

  44. Avatar
    The Okayed Boomer

    I don't believe the WSJ knew nothing all this time about these massive wild animal trade rings. It's only after a viral hit they pretend to care.

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