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The West Block: Oct. 11, 2020 | Pandemic politics: Canada’s second wave

As Canada enters the second wave of the pandemic, West Block host Mercedes Stephenson talks to Canada’s chief science advisor about this country’s efforts to slow the spread of the virus. Justice Minister David Lametti talks about the challenges facing the court system. And former federal health minister and interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose weighs in on the emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic taking place across the country.


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    Renegadebroadcasting com

    Only thing that concerns me is the goverment and what they will do with its subjects next.
    These journalists should be and no doubt are ashamed of themselves.

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    we had enough of this b***** this is the biggest lie virus

  3. Avatar

    It's amazing prime minister your agenda exactly like the Democrats in the US shut everything down lend people money and bankrupt small businesses since he came to power no achievement on the business sector been done US Canadian have to pay for your mistakes for the next hundred year

  4. Avatar

    yet more Trudeau narrative fearmongering by tainted Canadian MSM

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    The Canada First Party

    These Government people should all be going to jail with Justin Trudeau , all of them & after that, Deported without CDN Citizenship .

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    They can't know for sure if you have it or not. The test doesn't work. They don't know if masks work. The virus propapbly doesn't exist. Flu and cold was forgotten and mixed up with covid. Vaccine is fake. It's wheather a poison or they stealmoney by huge national contracts to buy this fake

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    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    Cases. That’s it. Deaths ? Nope.

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    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    They need to get experts with different opinions. There are tons of experts saying this virus isn’t deadly and this isn’t a pandemic. Unless you think the flu is a pandemic every single year.

  9. Avatar
    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Fake mask effect, fake statistics, fake pandemic. And now vaccine? Fake!

  10. Avatar

    The people have lost all confidence in the anti-scientific globalist government. Time for an election. We need a government totally opposed to every UN globalist policy!

  11. Avatar

    "Pandemic politics: Canada’s second wave"

    Couldn't have said it better myself

  12. Avatar

    We need a government that can unify the country. Justine is not capable of that.

  13. Avatar

    Wow. The fools are all over the comments page today.

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    God bless Canada! God bless our human lives! Be strong Canada and be careful about the terrible Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic attacking! 🇨🇦💪🤙! 🤜🇨🇳🦠☠️👹👎🏿!

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    All doctors got an email/letter saying to call it covid even if they did not test positive but had some symptoms. 80% of the tests give a false positive, plants have tested positive. The vast majority, 80% who die from this flu are very old and have numerous other serious health problems.The test is a scam and the inventor of the PCR who won the nobel prize for it said it was not a diagnostic tool. The CDC also says on it's website that the test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes. Doctors and hospitals get a lot more money per patient for calling someone covid positive. Even with them fraudulently blowing up the numbers, the number of people who have died of this flu is only a little more than a usual flu season. The hospitals are laying off staff. Hundreds of nurses have blown the whistle and said the the hospitals are very unbusy. The WHO said mask don't work. Bill Gates comes from a family of eugenicists, he has admitted numerous times that he wants to reduce the worlds population and was kicked out of India when his vaccines injured 500,000 young girls. No authority can tell you what to put in your body, period. The vaccines will be fraudulently safety tested, gene altering and will have nanoparticles that will be able to be read by special devices and then if you don't do exactly as the government tells you, you will not be able to buy anything or get a job or travel outside the country. In October 2019 they held a simulation of the exact "plandemic" that has occurred, called event 201 with the same people that are pushing it now involved, and the same actions, mask wearing, social distancing and martial law etc. The have their own web site event201. btw the vaccine makers are immune to lawsuits if you are harmed by them, they will probably put mercury and aluminum in them which are extremely toxic, especially when put straight into the bloodstream. Wake up and spread this information before things get much worse.

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    Frosted Coronflakes99

    Ugh there still talking about coronavirus come on global give it a rest you been talk about coronavirus everyday since late Jan give it a rest already.

  17. Avatar

    Fake faces , real pandemic ?

  18. Avatar

    Liberal scientist? Ok.

  19. Avatar

    Here’s what is wrong with the government and Media’s messaging. They are putting a stigma on people that have got the virus. Why would you report anything to the government or your employer if you don’t have to. I have a feeling the history books may tell a different story about what the right moves were. Right now we are told there is only one answer. Hide and wait it out.

  20. Avatar

    Maybe their safe spaces and 34 genders will help them.

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