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The town forgotten in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

One of the worst affected areas after Hurricane Dorian is Abaco Island – where thousands of residents are homeless and still waiting for help days after the storm.

Sky’s chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay visited an unnamed town which was home to 2,000 people – but which has been completely destroyed.

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  1. Avatar

    Like most disasters and mass shooting it soon gets forgotten

  2. Avatar

    What's the government doing, send the army in to help these people.

  3. Avatar

    This will end up like PR no electricity for several months, no help

  4. Avatar

    Just what they needed. Some posh spaz shows up from the sky and gives them a few bottles of water and a breakfast bar. What a joke.

  5. Avatar

    Sky news has forgotten the events of 9/11………

  6. Avatar

    Your actions n the video are commendable. a rare thing to see some one treat people as people in journalism today

  7. Avatar

    looks like Detroit Michigan, Baltimore Maryland, Chicago, and every other place on earth inhabited by blacks. they're worse than hurricanes.

  8. Avatar

    Instead of filming it
    Why dont yall clean the fuckin water

  9. Avatar

    The Bahamas is part of the Commonwealth so where is England? Why isn't it taking care of it's own? Why is the US "naturally" expected to take care of this?

  10. Avatar

    The Hurricane was stoped in place by HARP a US government weather modification tool.

  11. Avatar

    Praying 🙏 for the ancestors to help them in need of a good place to live in peace

  12. Avatar

    The American President while let them suffer there will be no relief from America according to the Greta American asshole there nothing but violent drug dealers and all around bad bad people says the asshole president…

  13. Avatar

    Dominican Haitians living in the Bahamas have it bad.

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