The Soylent Experiment: Your Questions Answered

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

So how did the DNews team do after six days of Soylent? How many of them were able to make it without solid food? And the answer to one of the most asked questions: Did they poop?! Watch and find out.

Check out our video “Stop Eating Food: The Soylent Experiment”

And our daily Soylent diaries – see how we felt all week!:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

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Soylent details, ingredients:

“Two Months of Soylent”


“You know what’s a complete waste of time, money, and effort? Eating. Rob Rhin

ehart—a 24-year-old software engineer from Atlanta and, presumably, an impossibly busy man—thinks so.”

“Who Needs Food When You Have Soylent?”

“Add up all the time and money that you’ve spent this month on food — shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning up, paying your grocery and restaurant bills — and you might be surprised at how much of your life is eaten by food.”

“Why Don’t We Have Food Replacement Pills?”

“From single pills providing a day’s nutrition to bubblegum that serves you a three-course dinner, bite-sized food replacements have been present in fiction for a long time. And the fuss all started with suffragette.”

DNews is a show about the science of everyday life. We post two new videos every day of the week.

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James Webb June 11, 2015 - 9:21 AM

Anybody can do this already. Go buy some Ensure.

socialperson June 28, 2015 - 11:24 AM

sure eat food engineered by a guy who has no education relating to the human body. Only a idiot will eat this.

Todd Lawrence August 4, 2015 - 12:31 PM

Soylent is a junk food only better than Tang. It's better than sugar water for undernourished people in the United States, Ukraine Greece, etc…  The very best nutrition shake is Vega One.

sponge bob October 8, 2015 - 3:31 PM

that guy is super weird IMHO

Eddie R November 26, 2015 - 5:42 AM

you guys shouldve done it for a months

v a December 20, 2015 - 9:15 AM

why are his cheeks always so red

G January 7, 2016 - 1:16 PM

So many scared little ignorant people in this comments section.

David Ocampo Palmer February 23, 2016 - 12:29 AM

This is fucking amazing! This could do so much good to the world!

quickquack April 1, 2016 - 5:30 PM

It doesn't have cholesterol which is necessary for the cell membranes. Eventually you would die from a lack of cholesterol, as your cell membranes just collaps.

Reflected Miles April 14, 2016 - 3:25 AM

Formulas with the same purpose have been developed by teams of scientists trained in this field. They've been around for many years and are available at Walmart or virtually any drug store. Despite the expertise involved, they are not an effective long-term replacement for a healthy, balanced diet. Not sure how this is supposed to be different.

Alexandra Lynn April 24, 2016 - 6:15 PM

The essential nutrients are in but I'm wondering how youre getting the calories? Like what ingredient does he use for them calories? Because correct me if I'm wrong, nutrients and minerals have no calories right?
(Edit) Oh wait theres protein and fat

Niel DeSimone April 28, 2016 - 6:50 AM

the only thing that is stopping me from trying this is the claims that certain types of soy [non fermented and non natural] promote increased estrogen in the body. i don't know enough about the soybeans that are used.

LiberatedMind May 12, 2016 - 10:39 AM

I hate cooking, and eating feels like a chore, so this might be good.

tetra neon June 8, 2016 - 11:25 AM

future biliner

Silvio Santana July 20, 2016 - 11:37 AM

Not delivered in south america…
dam it!
I`m gonna have to do this on my own.

Fernando Sousa September 16, 2016 - 1:59 AM


Andrew Harvey October 4, 2016 - 8:52 AM

1973: Soylent Green is make out of people.
2016: People are made out of Soylent?

thispurplefox October 20, 2016 - 6:26 AM

He sounds like Elon Musk.

from 0 to Ux January 14, 2017 - 3:42 PM

He got defensive about the questions haha typical little millennial

maral2014 March 26, 2017 - 9:43 AM

PERSON EATER!!!!!!!!! o0o

karthickraj ssk October 14, 2017 - 3:35 PM

If we think this in evaluation aspects… It's really shrinks our digestive system.. example: elementary canal.. rectum and anus.. because of less use .. it will be shrinked like appendix.

Jam Magruder November 10, 2017 - 7:53 AM

if you think about this.. its wonderful. cheap for third world countries, and for poor people sometimes to save money

Rodney Baker December 31, 2017 - 10:39 AM

It tastes like cake batter? Sold!

Jozie Payne October 10, 2018 - 7:14 AM

Can you make this for kid size

Jozie Payne October 10, 2018 - 7:14 AM

As in for kids

Jozie Payne October 10, 2018 - 7:15 AM

And their needs

Jozie Payne October 10, 2018 - 7:15 AM

Then one toddlers and teens too

Kip Martin October 23, 2021 - 9:26 AM

Soylent is cheating us. The last 3 boxes I received; all the bags were about 130g lite. They've ignored my inquiries and tried to placate me by sending me more product. All of those bags were lite too. They're doing this because they know they can get away with it. Corporate greed at it's finest.

Boo October 29, 2021 - 11:02 AM

So, what happened? where are the results from your trials?

Brian C November 6, 2021 - 6:41 PM

Instead of trying to make food replacement let's try and keep a market for better food. This guy is an Electrical Engineer not a doctor or a nutritionist.