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The Soleimani Assassination | Start Here

The assassination of Iranian Major General Soleimani by the US military has relations between Washington and Tehran hitting a new low. US President Donald Trump says the assassination was necessary to prevent an imminent threat but Iran’s leaders and allies say the killing represents an act of war. Was the attack legal? And how will Iran respond? “Start Here” tackles the big questions.

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  1. Avatar

    Smh the world just got a little more unsafe , Iran is willing to risk more than the USA right now and that becomes dangerous motive …………

  2. Avatar

    Iran should agree to give US complete access to all there nuclear facilities every time atleast for time iran regain power. It is single road left for iran if they really want to live

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    Hi Sandra and team, please continue to do all these “Start Here” vids. They are all amazing!! Learnt so much through them! 🙂

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    What weapon Iran has to fight against US?..it could be the War of Sling shut vs Bullet.

  5. Avatar

    Iran will not last an Hour fighting against US..Iran will be the second Hiroshima..

  6. Avatar

    We will all watch with
    Interest i'm sure.

  7. Avatar

    Why Can't the US stop messing with other country's policies, fight terrorism in your country and stop killing people in other countries

  8. Avatar

    he just kill a man and he does not seem disturbed about it at all. a sociopath.

  9. Avatar

    What did you just say people around the world are safe by killing Soleimani ? girl I don't say you are lying but you wrong

  10. Avatar

    How are you feeling now 2 us millitery base had targeted by iran?

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    This Girl's Flat Chest Start here!😂😂🤣🤣

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    No music appreciated for this video.

  14. Avatar

    And shame on you Al Jazeera. Especially the arabian Al Jazeera. Mourning the death of a murderer

  15. Avatar

    Trump amplifying commercial politics Entertainment before 2020 election to prevent impeachment.
    Trump Visa to Western Wall in Jerusalem also confirmed before 2020 presidential election.

  16. Avatar

    Obama was a dog and coward compared to trump.

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