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The Secrets of ‘Magic’ Angle Graphene Are Now Fully Revealed

Ever since its discovery, “magic-angle” graphene has taken the scientific community by storm. Now, researchers have mapped the material’s entire structure to find out what makes it so magical.
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First discovered in 2018, magic-angle graphene involves taking graphene—a single sheet of carbon atoms—and stacking two of those sheets on top of one another. The twist comes from the fact that the sheets are ever so slightly offset from one another, and this magic angle is what gives the graphene its really cool properties.

And the discovery of this twisted graphene started an entirely new field of study called twistronics, which explores how the structure of 2D materials influences their electronic behavior.

And now, the same researchers who twisted that magic angle into a graphene bilayer in the first place have mapped the entire structure of magic angle graphene for the first time using a technique called “scanning nano-SQUID.”

SQUID stands for Superconducting Quantum Interference Device.

Find out more about the research teams work and what the future of twistronics might look like in this Elements.

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  1. Avatar

    What is "exotic physics"??

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    5 years later, why hasn't graphine been used in amything yet?

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    FYI @ 2:27: your explanation of the nano-SQUID device makes no sense. Scanning electron microscopes don't have "tips"–that's not how SEM works.

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    Think while drawing

    So basically graphene is useless to start with….😏😏😏🤓

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    Cocaine is like graphene, It’s addictive and I snort that shit.

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    Shows squid video
    3 seconds later
    "no it's not the squid you're thinking off"

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    "about"…..1.1° lol

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    Man I wish I can read from a screen.

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    Make a video about Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts (DASAs) a new class of organic photoswitch first synthesised in 2014 at the university of Santa Barbra, OR if that's a little too specific then make a video about organic photoswitches in general. There is TOOONS of work on Azo-Benzene photoswitches and there is some amazing work that's been published, for example researchers doped a polymer matrix with a specific azo-benzene to make a "Artificial Flytrap", which is a part of the "soft robotics" field which is also awesome but a lot of hydro-gels (photoswitches are cooler). There are also spyropyrans and diarylethenes, and a few other photoswitches that are really awesome!! People have made wavelength controlled nano-reactors from polymersomes made with DASA photoswitches incorporated into the polymer chains that allow you to turn the reactors on and off with light. You guys messaged me on my instagram about using some of my posts in some of your posts and I work with DASAs so you have shown interest in the area aha 😀 I think it would make a great video.

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    Informative video! Links to(/details of) the research papers(/publications) in the description box would be really helpful 🙂

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    ….sounds great and very promising science …I actually didn’t grasp a thing of what that excited girl was saying; nevertheless I’m true seeker fan

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    Soo… is this the future of transistors too? If you can change from insulation to superconducting, then you can create a transistor right?

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    pls change the host to anyone except her, its so irritating to listen

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    Your tendency towards obesity did not let me concentrate a bit. Though I was quite jnterested in graphene.

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    Graphene = greatest con of all time

    2004. And we're still to taste of it's promised blessings. Too much hype and funding too little to show for those hype and funding.

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    As a physicist that actually studies magic angle twisted bilayer graphene and other twisted 2D materials, this video is pretty misleading. The secrets of magic angle graphene are far from from "fully revealed" and there is not yet a complete consensus in the field of what is going on in that system. New research is being published all the time and we learning more about it all the time.

    Also scanning electron microscopes don't have tips, they use a focused beam of electrons to image a surface

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    Juan González Ortiz

    Buen video, pero en ningún momento menciona quienes han hecho este estudio, ni de dónde ha sacado ésta información, lo cual es muy importante cuando hablamos de ciencia.

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    Man this is super cool. I feel as we keep studying graphene and other novel carbon structures we're going to keep learning more and more new things. I'm excited to see what else we learn and I can't wait for graphene to be easier, faster and cheaper to produce and start really working its way into the materials market.

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    If we can actually produce superconductors at room temperature in high enough quantities…and even better tunable ones…oh boy ….this will be the start of a new time

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    Yagyaansh Khaneja

    Gosh, has she been stuffing too much pizza lately?

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    Cool, wonder how carbon computers would compare to silicon ones.

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    Gangaram Sinkar

    Graphene loose all good properties at 450 degree celcius so its the limit so dont get hype by it

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    Fun fact its diamond even in 1 layer of atomic bond.😊😊😊
    Imagine if they make it thicker.😱

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    John Pennington III

    Super interesting I 🤘😎

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    What if between the layers they made crystal reflectors and small solar cells in a solid blocks for energy storage for a capacitor/solar solid block

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    Liquid Sunshine

    Shes so smart and pretty. But I bet she hates Trump.

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    another goddamn graphene video! What? Did graphene changed the world again like the last time.

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    This sounds like an amazing way to break a cable! Instead of "sh*t my charging cable broke!" it'll be "sh*t my charging cable turned into an insulator!"

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    its like making ice cubes

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    Please share more about material science discoveries!

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    Just when you think things is going to get better in August 2020,
    but then Skynet goes online
    A.I. became self aware thru the help of Graphene 😅

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    Selling science as a summary like a novelle is so typical USA.

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    Please cover this topic and make a longer and detailed video .please

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