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The Secret Place Where Pilots Sleep While Flying

Say you’re on a long 12-hour flight. You’ll have get some shut-eye, and hopefully when you wake up, it’ll be almost landing time. Have you ever wondered if – and where – your flight attendants and pilot can get some rest too? Cause they need some rest on long flights too!

Well, there are secret bedrooms on planes where the pilot and crew can squeeze a nap in! Also, if they’re on an especially long flight, the flight attendants and pilot can grab a shower and just have some privacy to freshen up. That might lead you to wonder what other secrets your airplane is hiding!

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Sleeping Quarters 0:23
Secret Bathrooms and Showers for the Crew 0:57
Secret Legroom Button 1:21
The Hiding Handrail 1:47
Constraints 2:17
Undercover Safety Police 2:57
A Hidden Onboard Life Saver 3:34
Secret Bathroom Latch 3:55
Pilots Have Secret Powers 4:28
Untold Superstition 4:54
Invisible Defense Against Mother Nature 5:37
Tiny Overlooked Helpers 6:15
A Path That Glows in the Dark 6:49
Hidden Camera in the Cockpit 7:22
Hidden Masks 7:57
Secretly Safe Seats 8:29
Covert Communication 9:04

– There are secret compartments above your head at both ends of the airplane where the pilot and crew can squeeze a nap in!
– If you have an aisle seat, there’s a button under your armrest by the hinge that not many people know about! If you press this button, the armrest will slide down completely parallel to your seat, giving you some extra leg and elbow room!
– Most overhead compartments have edges on the bottoms into which a handrail is molded!
– There are fire extinguishers on every flight too, which is standard safety…but did you know that most flights also have an axe or crowbar on board?
– Air marshals are basically the police of the airplane: they can make arrests, but they won’t intervene in a standard “rowdy passenger” situation.
– Since 2015, all U.S.-based commercial airlines require a defibrillator to be on board every flight.
– People are so superstitious about the “unlucky” number 13, that some airlines have completely removed this row number from the seats!
– If your plane is hit, the lighting will just slide along the surface until it has nowhere else to go.
– If you look closely, there are tiny yellow hooks on the wings of your plane. This is where rope and the safety slide can be tied in case of an emergency, so that passengers can get off.
– The gas masks are for the flight attendants so that they can see and breathe enough in order to put out the flames and take care of passengers if necessary.
– There may be a flight engineer, or second officer, on board, who’ll be making all the important calculations as far as the best landing position and other complicated stuff that has to do with the equipment the pilot is using.

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