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The Safe Hands challenge

There are simple things we each must do to protect ourselves from #COVID19, including πŸ‘ washing with 🧼 & πŸ’¦ or alcohol-based rub. WHO is launching the #SafeHands Challenge to promote the power of clean πŸ‘ to fight #coronavirus. Join the challenge & share your πŸ‘ washing video!

World Health Organization (WHO)

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    Well, in the beginning you were underestimating the infection and you did not take any measure to halt the spread. CORRUPT-19

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    Share this video please we want billions to see it

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    Washing hands freqently saved me, who has CVID/Primary Immunodeficiency; from contracting norovirus when an outbreak occurred at a retirement home worked at yrs ago- 98% of staff contracted the virus otherwise.

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    It is end-of-time in itself when chief of w.h.o has nothing to say except showing how to wash hands. elite killer virus will shake all of them till they are ready to wash their corrupt hands. Many experts & universities are saying that corona is air borne virus but w.h.o is bribed by internet companies otherwise if you cut-off 3g internet supplies for 12 hours daily, corona spread can be stopped without closing anything else. What is better, close everything & every activity or cut-off internet supply in the night? You can still provide 1g telephonic conversation in the night times.

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    The last step was the most important, of using the towel to shut the water off. Otherwise, you would just get re-contaminated after all the hand washing.

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    Covid-19 vs. memes, which virus will win? My bet is memes, they are tough. Good idea!!!

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    Challange Accepted! Thanks for Advise..

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    Happy birthday (late) to you! You were working very hard and being very selfless. Hugs.

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    I think I understand this virus a bit more

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    Also don't forget to use that paper to open/unlock the bathroom door before leaving. Putting your now clean fingers right back on the lock or handle people touched when closing it undoes the cleaning you just did.

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    Dr Ted. You're really doing greatβ™₯️ sending you love.

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    Prepare for surgery. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Save water by applying soap with the faucet closed. Open only to rinse!

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    Question, do we need to keep the water running for no reason while soaping our hands as shown? I wash my hands very similar but NEVER I leave the water tap open while soaping! Only 1 second at the beginning to wet my hands and at the end to rinse them.

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    Y-you dont like to be around me WHO-senpai?

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    While rubbing your hands close tab to save water πŸ’§πŸš°

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    Good for all to know! Thanks for sharing!! Be well!

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    What happens to the Liquid dispenser bottle, which is everyone touching with uncleaned hand to take soap or sanitizer liquid?

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