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The Risks and Rewards of Mobile Voting, Explained | WSJ

Being able to vote on our phones would make the process faster, easier and more accessible for most. But it also introduces new privacy and security concerns. Is mobile voting inevitable or inherently unsafe? Photo: Storyblocks

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  1. Avatar

    Let the Democrats build the app. We will be 3 years and counting until the results are figured out.

  2. Avatar

    Voting by phone is stopping voters getting the virus well done

  3. Avatar

    This is a terrible idea, how can you verify the result without paper trail?

  4. Avatar

    How does the app check my ID or validate residency status?

  5. Avatar

    Humans mistakes are much worse than the software bugs
    Because sometimes humans do it in purpose, not just a mistakes

  6. Avatar

    Of course those democrats are using it. Can't beat Trump fair and square so they gotta go to manipulation. It would be so freaking easy to mess with the voting numbers.

  7. Avatar

    all of these bs "Explained" videos: Google search "data leaks"
    "It is estimated that in first half of 2018 alone, about 4.5 billion records were exposed as a result of data breaches. In 2019, a collection of 2.7 billion identity records, consisting of 774 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords, was posted on the web for sale."
    "Compared to the 2018 Q3 report, the total number of breaches was up 33.3 percent and the total number of records exposed MORE THAN DOUBLED, UP 112 PERCENT" Dec 5, 2019

  8. Avatar

    Tom Scott has a very detailed youtube video on this subject.


  9. Avatar

    So if a foreign government manages to hack the app they could decide who the next president will be. That’s worse case most likely case will be party leaders or CEOs deciding who wins.

  10. Avatar

    AMAZON (controls WSJ) wants you to use your phone to vote.

  11. Avatar

    As an IT guy, there is no such thing as a fully secure internet connected device. All it takes is one hack and 1 script out of the millions of attempts that will absolutely be tried to succeed and anyone around the world can sway the election. You think Russia , N Korea, and China are interfering now, just wait for mobile elections and they will have no need to seed false information when they can just go right to the source.

    Granted its not like they can just hack the system and install Vermin Supreme (that would raise red flags). There would still be enough motivation to start at the base level and hack your way up the chain. If the same app was used at each level, one exploit could sweep an election.

  12. Avatar

    Seems like they could just send a text to vote (like on the TV show The Voice) instead of needing special software and apps. Or, how about just a making a quick phone call?

  13. Avatar

    Great insight near the end of the video at 5:03 "I think we'll be there. but I think it's 20 years, not 10." My take is there needs to be some kind of paradigm shift in the world of software development in which our trust and assurance in software can grow greatly. We're at a place now where many of us interface with haphazard digital tools and experience bugs daily. Though the majority of people do important things like banking via software/online, what percentage of people fell they can trust the software to operate correctly 100% of the time? 🤔

  14. Avatar

    This isn't the best idea, there will be many false manufactured votes.

  15. Avatar

    The Championship Wrestling two party fiasco is alive and well. Both parties are controlled by multinational corporations that demand mass immigration from poor countries to keep American workers wages low. Wall Street Journal reports that every year the average corporate subsidies from American taxpayers averages 1.8 trillion dollars. Corporate socialism that can't be beat, corporate welfare for the job creators, creating millions of jobs in Communist China.

  16. Avatar

    Someone hack my phone and stole my vote. Talk about being able to stuff a ballot box. So all those dead voters will get burner phones for a day complments of the DNC.

  17. Avatar

    I'd never vote using my phone. I don't think I will ever trust it, especially after the Iowa Caucus Debacle, even though I'm a Brit. Paper ballots FTW.
    (I'd rather not vote than be forced to use apps or voting machines (especially electronic ones) to vote)

  18. Avatar

    Это очень хорошая идея, вы должны её осуществить. Тогда голосование пройдёт без проблем. Гарантирую.

  19. Avatar

    Democrats will do anything to make sure those illegals, criminals, and the decease can submit their vote

  20. Avatar

    Why not use blockchain to secure the voting database?

  21. Avatar

    1:14… am I the only one bothered her phone is upside down?

  22. Avatar

    with everyone who jizzed themselves over blockchain tech over the past few years, why isn't that being deployed here? a verifiable chain of data that can't be tampered with

  23. Avatar

    So it's basically a cheap way to rig an election without anyway to verify like a paper ballot

  24. Avatar

    This is a scam waiting to happen

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