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The Rhythm Section (2020) – New Trailer – Paramount Pictures

How far would you go? Who would you become? Watch the NEW trailer for #TheRhythmSection, from the producers of James Bond and director of The Handmaid’s Tale. Starring Blake Lively, Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown. In theatres January 31.

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Blake Lively (#BlakeLively) stars as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When Stephanie discovers that the crash was not an accident, she enters a dark, complex world to seek revenge on those responsible and find her own redemption. Based on the novel by Mark Burnell, from director Reed Morano (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and the producers of the James Bond film series, The Rhythm Section (#TheRhythmSection) also stars Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown.

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  1. Avatar

    Who the fuck is Blake lively? Lol I don’t give a shit about this train wreck piece of trash film. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  2. Avatar

    Why do these movies think making a woman less “feminine” makes them a better warrior lmfao sexist af

  3. Avatar

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  4. Avatar

    Strong engine car, 10.000 power horse

  5. Avatar

    A bass doesn't breath, it walks. This guys knows nothing about jazz. :/

  6. Avatar

    How has no one mentioned that she looks exactly like Ghislaine Maxwell?

  7. Avatar

    A badass wahmen, what a novel idea. The woke crowd will love it im sure.

  8. Avatar

    This was done already, it’s called The Brave One with Jodie Foster. Is this resolute lmao!

  9. Avatar

    When I saw this movie I thought hmmm… whiplash 2 maybe. No just another crappy action movie with a 6 on IMDb

  10. Avatar

    I was waiting for a new movie about a strong female character that weighs 90 pounds and tosses men around like ragdolls. I saw the character get balled by a negroe. We need more of this woke stuff in hollywood; why cant they get the message.

  11. Avatar

    Another 115 pound broad throwing around 220 pound brawlers. Yeah ok.

  12. Avatar

    Another female super assassin movie.. Yawn

  13. Avatar

    When you guys are gonna make a sonic the hedgehog sequel you must put tails and knuckles and choas emeralds and Amy and shadow in the movie that will be extremely great

  14. Avatar

    A 115 lb girl rag dolling 250lb men? Uhhh ok

  15. Avatar

    Paramount Pictures Can they come back to the 2011 Nickelodeon Movies logo please?

  16. Avatar

    I'm surprised Ryan Reynolds let her out of the kitchen.

  17. Avatar

    Fucking bitch thought this shit was about a band or sum shi😖😤

  18. Avatar

    The guy in the trailer seems like a good actor.

  19. Avatar

    ? goúd?
    👁 wanna c it 👍🌿🔥!
    Thx u 🙌💀😤♎…

  20. Avatar

    I love this simply because of the fact that I had no idea that was Blake Lively til now.

  21. Avatar

    I think I'll skip this and simply rewatch Leon The Professional.

  22. Avatar

    I thought this was a new Jazz Movie!!!! 🙁

  23. Avatar

    A little disappointed was expecting a Whiplash-ish movie

  24. Avatar

    Looks like Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt.

  25. Avatar

    I like the part when the credits roll

  26. Avatar

    Blake’s accent is SO BAD LMAO!!!!!!!

  27. Avatar

    More feminist bulllshit!
    No thanks!

  28. Avatar

    Lmfao I thought it was the guy from the end of the f-ing world

  29. Avatar

    Attention all haters… The movie sucks but the actress is good and I do love the butch feminist look she portrays although Hollywood needs to STOP overkilling the message of women empowerment and woman's lib. WE KNOW!!!

  30. Avatar

    Wow there’s nothing scarier than a 100 pound woman… you suck already 2020

  31. Avatar

    You should make a baldis basics movie

  32. Avatar

    I thought we were getting a sweet jazz movie. Nope….

  33. Avatar

    Poor Jude Law, his career faded away along with his Hairline

  34. Avatar

    first, let me say, i WILL see this movie because i love Blake Lively and Jude Law. watching this trailer, though, I can't help but feel like Lively's character is an amalgam of Jennifer Garner's Riley in Peppermint and Charlize Theron's Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde. And Law feels like a weathered Yon-Rogg from Captain Marvel . i love those characters & movies, so, cool!! 🙂

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