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'The results were startling': Dr. Sanjay Gupta investigates Covid-19 spread at recent Trump rallies

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes a closer look at a rise in coronavirus cases linked to counties that hosted President Donald Trump’s rallies.

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    No One will stand up to this MURDERER and MAKE HIM STOP.

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    CNN never report Biden story, vedio relation wat China, CNN did not know or hide away.
    While the whole world take a hot topic discussed

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    Dr. Sanjay Gupta what an over paid joke !!!!! How can can this guy call himself a doctor?? He's a paid joke.

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    Aaah the fake doctor appearing on a fake news channel to fear monger. 99% survival rate. Hello????

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    Dr. Sanjay Gupta what an over paid joke !!!!! How can can this guy call himself a doctor?? He's a paid joke.

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    M A G A TRUMP 2020 BABY

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    So easy to verify whether the positive cases attended the rally? So simple to do, that is the job for news reporter to dig out. NOT being on news to try to tie the new cases to the rally. Do you job, MSM.

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    No words … keep it basic, just dumb!

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    trump does not care his supporters get covid

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    Bunch of Covidiots gathering to worship their Idiot-in-Chief. 🙄 I feel sorry for the medical personnel of these counties who are obligated to help these morons when they contract the virus. 😔

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    Trump supporters love drinking the Koolaid. It's like having sex and not telling you are HIV.

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    Trump's mind speaking here "He has the best healthcare in the world so there's absolutely no problems with spreading it if it can get him elected, by the way he already ended Covid, what a hero"

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    I am a Trump supporter, But come on!! No fkn mask?? wtf

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    President Covid Trump does not want His Gene Corona to vanish.

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    You people in the comments – eating up mainstream media. SMH

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    Suzanne McMillen-Fallon

    Thank you, Jake Tapper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. My thoughts: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/herd-mentality-vs-pragmatic-truth-suzanne-mcmillen-fallon/?trackingId=J3UsCj1oSLeHgioQhRD8Eg%3D%3D

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    There really is precedent for laying serious charges due to these spreader events. Once he's out there'll be so many charges, so serious, he'll try to leave the country and then may well die soon after, because he can't handle defeat.

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    Everyone who flouts covid-19, & refuse to adhere to health advice are killing people, & they should be prosecuted for knowingly spreading a killer virus!

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    i was just thinking, it is also like drunk drivers. most of them will keep on doing it, saying that it isn't a problem, they have driven that way lots of times and nothing happened… until they actually run someone down or crash themselves…

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    Beyond The Smile…

    My smile is happy, pleasant, and graceful too,
    If you could see the things it hide from you.
    You can't because its on the outside,
    The perfect place to handle disguise.
    Check the inside
    and you would, probably scream.
    Not me I just treat it
    like a dream.
    All the unhappiness misfortunes and sadness.
    I just interpret them as gladness.
    That is how I truly learn to cope,
    or by now I would be a the end of a rope.
    So the next time you see someone smiling at you.
    Just smile back so they know you have been there too.


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    What does the orange pig abide by?

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    Liar! Masks are handed out and people are asked to wear them. Looters don't wear them, so why do you care? Why don't you ask governors to ask for help to stop riots and the spread of covid, which is China and it's bought treasonous politicians declaring war on Americans for voting for Trump.

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    we have to find something else to make americans  scared if we want to win the election. covid isn't working anymore! all we have left is mail in ballots, and I am not sure if enough of them are going to go missing for us to win the election!

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    At this point, his attendees deserve what they get.
    What's horrible is they then pass it on to innocent people.
    The repercussions are nothing short of criminal.

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    his minions and dark lord have so much confidence they are trying everything in their power to dissuade people from voting to rig the post services . Make ballots disappear. Reducing polling stations . Folks driving sixty miles to queue up for seven hours to vote . Voting is at record high and the red party will be sent to the abyss not to return for several decades. President Biden 2020

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    3B Bright & Brave Brain


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    psychologist's have a "name" to describe when the victim becomes emotionally attached , becomes loyal or is blinded to Reality by their Abuser …
    Well , it is obvious that d.tRUMP is this "guy" and these idiots @ these ridiculous Cult Events are his Victims …
    So Sad,
    Yet so true !!

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    Andrés González

    CNN is fake news! FACT!

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    They're actually protests idiots

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    Incubation period being 14 days would mean that the consequences are yet to come.

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    Yeah, but they are Trump cultists. I feel bad for the health care workers.

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    Let them die! They are dangerous to the social order!!!!

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    Golly gosh, how is all these protesters/domestic terrorists are getting away with it and never come under fire?

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    I think to take a load off the hospitals and essential workers who are working at over max capacity. They should see if somehow the patient was infected by covid-19 due to irresponsibility or plain stupidity. Then place them at the lowest priority to treat. Donald Trump and his supporters are the best examples.

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    Of course your going to tell people not to go , your bias

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    The people who watch this channel seem to live in their own worlds.

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    This ignorant imbecile will never learn because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself or his family. He continues to spread the virus over and over.

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    TRUMP is a MASS KILLER, period.

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    9 million cases, 228k deaths, that's only a 0.39% mortality rate. 0.39%

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