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The president's taxes: A story to 'Trump' all the others? | The Listening Post

President Donald Trump has survived one bombshell news report after another. Last week, The New York Times dropped a story that may prove to be the last straw.


Eric Alterman – Columnist, The Nation

Claire Potter – Author, Political Junkies

Alex Shephard – Staff writer, The New Republic

Molly Jong-Fast – Editor-at-large, The Daily Beast

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Viral advertisements and voting: Can anti-Trump Republicans sway an election?

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Rick Wilson – Co-founder, The Lincoln Project; Author, Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump – and Democrats from Themselves

Osita Nwanevu – Staff writer, The New Republic

Joanna Weiss – Contributing editor, Politico Magazine

Paul Waldman – Opinion writer, The Washington Post; Senior writer, American Prospect

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  1. Avatar
    Another Dimension

    750 dollars father of Nawaz and Zardari !!!! LMAO

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    I don't think so

  3. Avatar

    Anyone surprised? Like really ANYONE?

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    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  5. Avatar

    Donald Trump fantasisises over pleasuring his own daughter & ppl expect him to pay tax?..

    I would do Ivanka tho

  6. Avatar

    Trump is a first class con man by far. But a very unsucessful businessman. He is also in debt and has to pay over $400 million next year

  7. Avatar

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  8. Avatar

    In CHINA powerful position only giving to family and friend

  9. Avatar

    The end is everything!

  10. Avatar

    Maybe Trump`s Corona is a scam to hide his taxes story!
    Like Joe Biden hides his wars in middle east!

  11. Avatar

    Trump`s corona could be a diversion for his scandals..
    Or is it Biden`s propaganda..

  12. Avatar

    Trump and Biden are both Non tax payers.

  13. Avatar

    Trump and Biden are both same Losers!

  14. Avatar

    I'm Alone 😍😥19:49



  15. Avatar

    he did not break the law. Whether he owes money it is nobody business unless you are one of the creditors. Hypocrite!!!

  16. Avatar

    Trump, Hillary, Obama, Biden are all tax exempters.

  17. Avatar

    Nothing New!
    Everybody in US is a corrupt like Wahabis and Israeelis..

  18. Avatar
    Chukwunonso Aneke

    Aljazeera is a left wing trump hating news network.

  19. Avatar

    That's how you make money. People like me will never make it.Too much tax

  20. Avatar

    Don't know why? people, Donald Trump reminds me of Pharaoh. "Absolutely self-centered", showbiz, business man, con ways, 21st Century Pharaoh. Times change but some ooold habits remain.

  21. Avatar

    Why can't the US have someone in their 40s to emerge & run the country righteously. Come on guys & gals got to be a few of u. Have to break the status quo! Its a great nation, time to show their worth in the land of the Native Indians.

  22. Avatar
    Eloisa Del Rosario

    The question is: Did he break any tax law??? He's that brilliant!!!

  23. Avatar

    If no laws were broken, this isn't news, its propaganda.

  24. Avatar

    This is nothing but a hatchet job by al-jazeera. Will not watch anything on al-jazeera. Trash channel.

  25. Avatar

    I'm sorry, but GOD promised "Israel" to the jewish people (In the Bible & Torah) and "Al-Aqsa Mosque" (Islam) is a place in heaven and not in Jerusalem! Jerusalem don't mentioned even once in the book of Islam (The Quran) Jerusalem belongs to the jews and the "third temple" should be build in the "temple mount" in Jerusalem, Israel…

  26. Avatar

    Trump and these Black Africa inmates want to Enslave the Americas.

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    D(Tr)ump is the greatest American con ma ever made.

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    Okay, the accordion is definitely a hit

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