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The OnePlus 7 Series Launch in 60 seamlessly smooth seconds!

On May 14, the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro were unveiled in front of thousands of OnePlus Community members. From New York to Bengaluru and London. The OnePlus 7 Series Launch spanned the world and captivated audiences both online and offline. With a cutting-edge 90 Hz QHD+ display, the headline-grabbing OnePlus 7 Pro made an instant splash, while the OnePlus 7 proved a powerful evolution of what had come before. Learn more about these devices and everything OnePlus at

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  1. Avatar

    Oneplus's camera has trouble with blue colors…like seafoam green. But I didn't buy the 6T for the camera…

  2. Avatar

    Hit like if that 0.1 sec offends u 1

  3. Avatar

    USF 3.0👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Avatar

    Looks like OnePlus forgot about its vanilla OnePlus 7 version

  5. Avatar

    Okay, So…. Why are you using OPPO ads music? I know you "guys" brother sister, but why?

  6. Avatar

    I heard from many youtuber that it is overprice…..

  7. Avatar

    Never settle to raise the price, and forget about jack that's a big stop for oneplus

  8. Avatar

    I need this in Indonesia… Why do you leave us dear Oneplus?

  9. Avatar

    I did not understand why there is a front camera at 0:38?

  10. Avatar

    I will get since I can't even get a phone call or text on my 6t on silent with this horrible excuse for vibration.

  11. Avatar

    Does the One Plus 6T belongs at the T series?

  12. Avatar

    One plus 7 pro camera not beat Google pixcel 3a

  13. Avatar

    Oneplis please GIVEAWAY one of the phone to me I can't afford to buy it.

  14. Avatar

    2014.. Flagship Killer in budget phone of OnePlus
    2019.. wallet Killer

  15. Avatar

    This 60fps video looks great on my 240hz monitor!

  16. Avatar

    What is the background music though? 👀

  17. Avatar

    I think one plus should be a car company. They are too concerned about speed.

  18. Avatar

    Book Oneplus 7 pro :

    Oneplus 7 pro Amazon exclusive :

  19. Avatar

    Someone from my class said that the iPhone x was better that the oneplus 7….

  20. Avatar

    Watching on my OnePlus One 😎 5 years old & the best phone I've ever had!
    Think I'm due an upgrade. Would love the 7 Pro, but my pocket is only deep enough for the 7 at a shove 😂

  21. Avatar

    I would get the 7 pro this second if it had wireless charging, Hope the 8 will have it

  22. Avatar

    Got the phone day 1.

    Best Phone Ever. Blows away the competition imo.

    Upgraded from an iPhone 6S, so obviously a big leap.

    But this phone has everything I want!

  23. Avatar

    Oneplus 7 pro is 5g or not?????

  24. Avatar

    is the kidney joke still relevant?

  25. Avatar

    No Headphonejack… I like my old In ears because no matter if i forgot to charge i can listen to music, everytime, everywhere

  26. Avatar

    No matter what the F you do with phone but please bring me back the " HEADPHONE JACK "

  27. Avatar

    How to use camera flash below 15 percent of battery cause below 15 ,camera flash doesn't work in oppo f9 pro .Regards

  28. Avatar

    Why is oneplus 7 so under rated? OnePlus gave pro so much of importance that some people don't that regular OP7 exists. Even in the video OP7 got barely 2 seconds

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