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The Office Redesign Has Only Just Begun | WSJ

Plexiglass dividers and floor decals might not be permanent, but the pandemic will bring lasting change to offices. Experts from the architecture and real-estate industries share how they are getting back to work and what offices will look like in the future. Photo: Cesare Salerno for The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Avatar

    Super interesting

  2. Avatar

    The vibrating employee ID is actually an awesome idea

  3. Avatar

    Open planed office spaces were regarded as being inefficient for years now.
    This is just a slight difference

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    KUMARS. 🙏✒️🌤🌥🌦🌩🎁💐rsVp 🏃 peace glObally 🏃. 4OM RANCHI KAPITAL of JHARKHAND and one may say BIHAR and JHARKHAND (🙏✒️📠) 🙏💐the times of INDIA most read news paper after WSJ I read so CORRIGENDUM if any "!!!".✒️📠🙏

  5. Avatar

    Who else is still on wfh

  6. Avatar

    Make everything touchless

  7. Avatar
    Economics Overview

    Because of being laid off for Covid19, I decided to start a Youtube channel around my long time passion. Would really love you guys could show me some support. Thanks

  8. Avatar

    This is BS. This mentality that we're all going to do infect eachother in perpetuity is setting a very bad precedent and will change the human psyche in a very bad way.

  9. Avatar


    That camera looks like a panda.

  10. Avatar

    I thought this is "The Office" reboot announcement. Man, you got me on the title not gonna lie!

  11. Avatar

    Don’t forget the Bill Gates microchips.

  12. Avatar

    Last time I was this early, offices were still open.

  13. Avatar

    Last time I was thid early, I disappointed a girl

  14. Avatar

    its a start – I'm usually the one to tell my coworkers to go home when they're sick.

  15. Avatar

    Thank you for covering the new Pandemic and Post Pandemic office spaces!

  16. Avatar

    I am just happy to never see some faces again and i will not have to force smile and i can swear as much i can

  17. Avatar

    So companies will have to invest a lot to make their office space compliant? It will just be cheaper to pay 1000 bucks or whatever to have a employee buy a desk and a screen at home.

  18. Avatar

    So the CEO of a property developer puts some arbitrary solutions in place that allow him to not wear a mask and pretend it is all good. It is open plan, did anyone tell the virus it is not allowed to go over small glass barriers?

  19. Avatar

    hopefully it is loving people friendly.

  20. Avatar

    My entire company of 200 people has worked from home for 12 years. This is the future.

  21. Avatar

    I guess the open offices will all have to be undone…

  22. Avatar

    This hysteria is so stupid

  23. Avatar
    waterwheel waterwheel

    Covid-19 is no longer a threat? Are you kidding me? Especially when there are a huge resurgent of cases in many states?

  24. Avatar
    waterwheel waterwheel

    Why can't we just work frome home and call it a day?

  25. Avatar

    Get rid of offices. Zoom makes them completely pointless.

  26. Avatar

    Good riddance to the open office concept. No privacy and too much noise. Bring back the high walled cubicles (just not the ugly beige one form the 80's).

  27. Avatar

    This is not going to last forever…and these provisions are unnecessary. To be frank, most offices around the world can't afford these.

  28. Avatar

    We do realize change means money making right? These property manager eventually will transfer the cost to the renters

  29. Avatar

    The future is remote working. Me and my entire team have been working from since February. Nobody said that are missing office. We all DO miss interacting with each other, having lunch together, and laugh. But generally everybody is admitting they are more relaxed and more productive working from home. My company has seen a rise in productivity since the quarantine began and everyone was allowed to work from home.
    I see people, working from their cabins or trailers in north Wisconsin. Working from home is also allowing them to spend more time with their kids/family and run chores/errands in between giving them more time for other activities. I am happy working from home and all my team members are also happy to work from home.

  30. Avatar

    What would be the beneficial effects of putting Rupert Murdoch into a nursing home where he belongs instead of allowing him to continue spreading lies and hate through FoxNews.

  31. Avatar

    I wonder when the goverment is going to create the work from home tax?

  32. Avatar

    Crisis?😫 This dude's not got a clue.

  33. Avatar

    what i ended up remembering from this video : replace the desks into windmill shape…

  34. Avatar

    How many square feet is this office

  35. Avatar

    There’s a very simple no risk scenario: stay home. Duh

  36. Avatar

    after a few month, we were asked to come back to the office last week. We changed the office drasticalle in that we moved the tables standing against eachother 20cm away from eachother

  37. Avatar

    Do a fit test of ONEPLUS BUDS

  38. Avatar

    Only corporate office are not the ones that everyone should be focused on. Workplaces also include factories, door to door service etc. Any kind of heavy lifting/ other such works which require more than 1 person is quite common- those are the really tough spaces to maintain physical distancing. People must delve into such practical problems to solve them- not just corporate offices.

  39. Avatar

    Like the rest of the world give everybody Hydroxychloroquine and get back to work. This works, this is the best overall solution to the COVID feardemic.

  40. Avatar

    You cannnot disinfect the Universe.
    Most of those measures are simply useless and just a waste of money, contributing just to the wide spread of fear.

  41. Avatar
    Geoffrey Charles

    I feel like we are overreacting a little bit.

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