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THE MOST EXTREME Storm Footage – Tornado, Hurricane, Hailstorm [VIDEOS]

Extreme tornadoes caught on tape, hurricane videos, hailstorm videos, sandstorm videos form inside the powerful storms in this extreme weather caught on tape compilation.

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  1. Avatar

    In most of these clips these people did it to themselves why would you be in a tent having a outdoor event or at work or at the pool knowing a tornado is coming

  2. Avatar

    That last video looked like hell or the apocalypse

  3. Avatar

    That first one man, kept getting faster
    Also 3:16 how tf did that stay

  4. Avatar

    Are these people stupid? You NEVER stand by a window during a storm! Its common sense, why do you think basements are built underground? TO KEEP US SAFE AND NOT AROUND WINDOWS!

  5. Avatar

    If you live in Oklahoma you sit in your porch and watch one pass by

  6. Avatar

    People watching ecchi:


  7. Avatar

    On of my family members as there when it happened she came back alive I was so glad.

  8. Avatar

    Oi my rightous Satan give or destruction

  9. Avatar

    First moron:"There's a tornado in the middle of the fucking parking lot!"

    Second moron: "Cool, let's stand directly next to the glass windows!"

  10. Avatar

    "Alright this is a tornado"
    Goes inside for safety and sees nothing but glass windows and a automatic door swing open😂

  11. Avatar

    I'm disappointed that no one took a selfie with the tornado.

  12. Avatar

    Lol the airbender must be pissed in these videos

  13. Avatar

    guy: guys we’re in the middle of a tornado
    also guy: continues to walk outside

  14. Avatar

    Am I the only one who was bothered on what happen to the last video? That's pretty much scary. The day just turned into a dark one!

  15. Avatar

    To Defy Death or Not to Defy Death this is the question?

  16. Avatar

    3:58 why weren’t they all afraid when the window wasn’t broken but then when it broke they all got scared? EXPLAIN THAT NATURE

  17. Avatar

    My house got hit by a tornado and it was a 2 story house also it was fine but a huge hole was in my wall with a street light

  18. Avatar

    Everyone else doesn't care about their cars and more about safety
    Man: If something hits my truck I swear

  19. Avatar

    I never scream in situations like this why do people do it ? It’s fucking annoying, it is not like you’re being mugged

  20. Avatar

    Guy: Aw My poor car! Aw its gonna be beatin….

  21. Avatar

    The pool one was so annoying who screams like a dying mule

  22. Avatar

    Looks like a normal day I west Texas😂😂😂. Crazy but true

  23. Avatar


    Man: Woooooooo-
    window fUckIng CollApSes

  24. Avatar

    I feel bad for the birds but then I feel bad for anyone who had to work with brie Larson in the avengers

  25. Avatar

    That’s a really good lifeguard letting a kid go outside with the chair over their head,.. what a douche bag !!!!!,…”are you seeing this”?,… what a dick!!!!!

  26. Avatar

    Today a little past 1:00 am there was a tornado in Ruston Louisiana

  27. Avatar

    God bless Trinidad no storm no bad weather

  28. Avatar

    1st one was NOT a tornado, It's called a microburst

  29. Avatar

    tORnAdo rIght iN tHe pArkINg lOT

  30. Avatar

    People: walk around outside while a tornadoes and hurricanes are right on top of them

    Weather: “Am I a joke to you?”

  31. Avatar

    Were in the middle of a tornado walks ont parking lot😂

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