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The moment Iranian forces board British tanker – BBC News

Footage released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard-affiliated Fars news agency allegedly shows the moment Iranian forces seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

It comes after Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Iran may be choosing a “dangerous path” of “illegal and destabilising” behaviour.

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  1. Avatar

    Iran is itching for a war , but Trump is such a “smooth operator” … will kick the Mollahs ass without firing a shot

  2. Avatar

    Forget about war. We see how Iran react even for one tanker seize by uk.

  3. Avatar

    good job iran fuck those sissy british

  4. Avatar

    Its time to blow the shitz out of Iran.

  5. Avatar

    Long live iran and sepah🇮🇷💪🏻

  6. Avatar

    You can have your tanker back when you Free Tommy

  7. Avatar

    British Bombing Corporation wants a war, no one trusts you anymore

  8. Avatar

    I bet Ola that the sailors wet their pants after seeing the helicopter to take down the dirty Iranian commandos

  9. Avatar

    This is piracy. When multiple ships were attacked by Somali pirates, countries and shipping companies put armed guards on all ships. A few warning shots from 50 calibers and these Iranian pirates would turn around in a hurry.

  10. Avatar

    Time for some blinding power of Western sunshine.

  11. Avatar

    So Iranian piracy is allowed but not Somali piracy? That's racist!

  12. Avatar

    its a British Flag, but a Swedish Ship. The EU have a serious issue on their hands, lets hope their army is fighting fit.

  13. Avatar

    They want war, let's give them what they want

  14. Avatar

    The last time Britain 🇬🇧 started on a country who could fight back
    (GERMANY 1939) they had to rely on RUSSIA to save them !
    Next time BRITAIN 🇬🇧 won't be so fkn lucky !

    This is IRAN ☪️
    This isn't Argentina / this isn't the Falkland Islands !

    BRITAIN 🇬🇧 can't even sort out BREXIT 🇪🇺 never mind IRAN ☪️

  15. Avatar

    Give them their tanker back you’ll save yourself from this headache. If you want to fight a war at the behest of Saudi Arabia go for it Iran is not threatening you, but, by all means try to invade Iran and see the consequences. You are hungry for Saudi money and Saudi Arabia is the number one terror ideology source in the region so you are the criminal here.

  16. Avatar

    UK is not going to do anything unless Daddy Trump gives them permission. That is the new post-BREXIT world for the UK. Basically, UK is the 51st US state and gets their marching orders from Washington DC.

  17. Avatar

    POOR BRITISH. Slaves of u.s.a.

  18. Avatar

    Down with America🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷✌️✌️

  19. Avatar

    Treat them like the Somali pirates.

  20. Avatar

    That's Antifa they have Masks….

  21. Avatar

    Private security should have shot that heli down

  22. Avatar

    Where are the royal navy warship escorts?

  23. Avatar

    Warmongers from USrahell must be very pleased involving UK in another war for democracy of course.

  24. Avatar

    Them iranians got some balls after all

  25. Avatar

    Can’t we just FUCK EM ALL TO DEATH?!

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    It's only right we stolen there tanker so they steel ours what's fair is fair

  28. Avatar

    I doubt that a war with Iran would last more than a week. Its not even a fair fight.

  29. Avatar

    Hey BBC, Queen Victoria was pretty hot…for a dude 🤣

  30. Avatar

    AmeriKKKaISraHell tell Britain to puts its head in a meat grinder
    Iran 🇮🇷 turns the grinder to make mince meat 😁😁😁

  31. Avatar

    Its not going to be long before all ships will be hiring special forces people to guard their ships. Iranians got lucky this time but their days are over with.

  32. Avatar

    If britain is behaving like criminal pirates and stole a ship, so iran can do it to.
    GJ Iran!

  33. Avatar

    It was Iranian response to broad day light British piracy in Gibraltar! Now, release to release! Tanker for tanker, eye for eye!

  34. Avatar

    BBC propaganda who wouldn’t be surprise if BBC are the instigators of this vile piracy 🏴‍☠️

  35. Avatar

    Just keep the sanctions up and let Iran sit in its own shit

  36. Avatar

    An eye for an eye! Good job Iran!

  37. Avatar

    That freighter purposely turned into Iranian territory

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