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The Main Secret of Roller Coaster Revealed

Human beings are probably the only creatures in the world that love to be scared. We love horror movies, Halloween, and, of course, we love roller coasters! Oh, that exciting feeling when your stomach is right by your brain and your world flips upside down, and you scream with joy and want more! But what do you know about this attraction?

Have you ever thought, for example, about how it works? You’d imagine these powerful high-speed mini trains have powerful little motors, but it’s wrong. In fact, they move by converting energy! Isn’ this amazing? So, right now, you’re about to upgrade from roller coaster fan to expert!

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Some roller coaster tracks are filled with sand 0:35
Most roller coasters don’t have engines 4:04
Their loops aren’t circular 4:45
Height restrictions aren’t meaningless 5:41
Engineers test rides at theme parks a few times a day 6:14
There’s a ride with hidden song selections 6:36
The first roller coasters were inspired by Russian ice slides 7:26
The oldest roller coaster is over 100 years old 8:28
The fastest, tallest and longest rides are all in different countries 9:23

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– Every company designing roller coasters has their own unique style, and rides across the world and even within one country can be really different in design.
– When the train is on top of the track, it has potential energy, and when it falls because of gravity, it transforms into kinetic energy. And this energy conversion keeps going as the train goes up and down on the track.
– Have you ever noticed the loop-the-loop is never a perfect circle, but looks more like an inverted teardrop? It’s not a design flaw, but a well thought-over choice.
– In fact, they do. In case something goes wrong, and emergencies can happen anywhere, the operators will have to hit the safety break. And the restraints won’t be able to protect someone below the minimum height requirements.
– There’s a famous roller coaster in Universal Studios Florida theme park that’s called Rip Ride Rockit. It offers its passengers on-ride video from cameras installed in every row, LED lighting and on-ride music!
– After Napoleon had been defeated at Waterloo, the Russian soldiers occupied Paris and must have brought the sliding tradition with them. This is how the great grandfather of modern roller coasters was born in 1817.
– The oldest roller coaster in the world that you can still ride was opened in Altoona, PA in 1901. It’s called Leap-The-Dips.
– Kingda Ka is currently the tallest roller coaster in the world. It is located in Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and stands proud at 456 feet (139 m) tall. That’s taller than the Statue of Liberty at 305 feet (93 m).

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