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The Iowa State Fair didn’t miss Trump — he was everywhere.

Unlike Democratic presidential candidates, President Trump skipped the Iowa State Fair, but his supporters made a point of showing who has their 2020 vote. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Idiots Out Wandering Around. There were plenty of not Ttump people, too. They were just enjoying the fair instead of trying to incite something.

  2. Avatar

    We don't need a president who brings the worst out in everyone. We need a president who strives to bring out the best in us and leads by example.

  3. Avatar

    I love seeing the support for our president. Go Trump!

  4. Avatar

    One term of trump is more than enough. He's shown he is not right for the job and it is our job to get literally anyone but him in.

  5. Avatar

    I will never vote democrat ever again after what they did and showed their true face within 2016-2019.

  6. Avatar

    My president, as a black man I am proud to be a Trump supporter.

  7. Avatar

    Yeah! Get out and support the draft dodger. Old "Bone Spurs" needs all the suckers he can get. A black man supporting a man who hates blacks. Go figure!

  8. Avatar

    As long as we have this toxic "left vs right" political battle. Ppl will always stick to their party regardless of the individual representing them…I believe its what's defined as "winning" now adays

  9. Avatar

    Trump is nothing but a coward conman, he's a decrease to our country..

  10. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  11. Avatar

    Liberals think Faron Young and Woody Nelson are idiots, but Beyonce and Ellen are thought leaders.
    Liberals think people who spit on cops and block roads are heroes.
    Liberals think people who believe in chromosomes are anti-science.
    Liberals idea of science is a theory that's modeled reality wrongly for 50 years, fakes its data, doesn't conduct experiments, and hasn't produced a single product. And uses the language of the Spanish Inquisition. DENIER. Definitely need to respect that the same as chemistry and medicine.
    Liberals think referring to the FBI statistics on who actually commits more hate crimes is evidence of hatred.
    Liberals think people with blue hair who scream at the sky and never have kids and can't do anything are geniuses. And people who make the world bloom, produce life, and actually know how to do things are dummies.

  12. Avatar

    That's what the Republiklans point of supporting tRump is, Just to aggravate black and Brown's Democrats. That's it.

  13. Avatar

    Demoncrats want a Socialist Democracy. This is a Constitutional Republic. ( did they not get the memo)? Presidential? Ha!!!

  14. Avatar

    Wow! Some Trump supporters are concerned about the military? They don't mind spending their taxes on wars?

  15. Avatar

    Let us not forget that Iowa brought us the politician who said if not for rape and incest, most of us wouldn't be here. This was his defense to not support a bill that allowed abortion for rape and incest victims.

  16. Avatar

    🙈He Was There In Spirits~😂😂😂🌎🙊💕😹😘✌…

  17. Avatar

    Is the economy actually doing great? honest question.
    Also, does the military hate Trump? Assuming he is a security threat to foreign nations to probe for weakness in what was once the uncrackable American Armor of Patriotism.

  18. Avatar

    I love TRUMP!!!! TRUMP is truly MAGA!!!!

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