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The Homeless Billionaire Prank!

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  1. Avatar

    Where is my snapchat family at???

  2. Avatar

    I like your prunk.. To know that only one has a good heart to help.

  3. Avatar

    I love how theres just a Gold Maserati and Rangerover 🤣🤣

  4. Avatar

    Pleas helped home less peoplss

  5. Avatar

    Look at all those people who haven't gave him phone to call his friend….

    (I would)

  6. Avatar

    I don't know as any homeless person who dresses like that. Its stupid.

  7. Avatar

    Someone pls watch my video

  8. Avatar

    Background song? Please 😄 someone?

  9. Avatar

    dont lie you thought they had the golden car.

  10. Avatar

    American people 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  11. Avatar

    Nice rental car😂😂😂😂🤙

  12. Avatar

    What the fuck is the point of this?

  13. Avatar

    Good video. But I feel like it could have been executed a little better.

  14. Avatar

    $100 if you convert it to peso it costs 5217.00PH

  15. Avatar


    That was so cool, you should do way more vidz like that in different areas

  16. Avatar

    This is why u need to be nice to every strangers in the world cause u don’t even know who they r in the future they might be richer than u and handsome/beautiful than u

  17. Avatar

    awesome video 🙂 do u wanna see more awesomeness? check this vid link https://ckk.ai/nJ7mm

  18. Avatar

    A $100 for helping me out lol.that got the bystanders face shock.😎😎

  19. Avatar

    basterd Europeans thy are just love money and rich peopals.thts whay donot help Poor peopals Thankx ALLAH MAK ME MUSLIM

  20. Avatar

    There are very less persons in this cruel world who have a heart of human

  21. Avatar

    Wtf a hundred dollars forget it…give him one of those cars at least. Fugazi billionaire

  22. Avatar

    You can’t blame others why they didn’t lend their phones. Many homeless take phone away.

  23. Avatar

    One day people will like this comment.

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