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The Hidden Phenomenon the First Black Hole Photo Didn’t Show You

About one year ago, we took the first-ever photo of a black hole. And now, a team of scientists have taken things to the next level by performing calculations to further predict how we could see black holes up close and personal in far more detail in the future.
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In April 2019, scientists unveiled the first image ever taken of a black hole. The photo of the supermassive black hole M87* was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope, or EHT. Comprising eight radio telescopes around the world working together, the EHT is effectively a telescope the size of the planet.

Black holes have been historically difficult to capture in an image as they are by nature invisible. And so, technically, EHT didn’t take a photo of M87* but rather captured a picture of the black hole’s shadow. Knowing the size of the black hole’s shadow against the accretion disk can help determine the mass of the black hole, and currently the EHT is accurate to within about 10%.

But what lies between a black hole’s shadow and the accretion disk? Well, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity predicts there is another layer called a photon ring and that is exactly what scientists are working to capture an image of next.

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This Massive Black Hole Is Blasting a Jet at 99% the Speed of Light

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Event Horizon Telescope

The Event Horizon Telescope is an international collaboration capturing images of black holes using a virtual Earth-sized telescope.

There Are Infinite Rings of Light Around Black Holes. Here’s How We Could See Them

If a passing photon is a bit too close, it will get trapped in orbit around the black hole. This creates what is called a “photon ring” or “photon sphere”, a perfect ring of light predicted to surround the black hole, inside the inner rim of the accretion disc, but outside the event horizon.

Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image’s Rings

If they could increase the size of their event horizon network by adding an antenna in space, Dr. Doeleman said, they could gain enough resolution to see individual photon rings, as they are called, turning the event horizon into “a true cosmic laboratory for testing our most fundamental theories.”

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  1. Avatar

    Are the photons circling the black hole waves or particles?

  2. Avatar

    New HD Black hole photo………hmmmmmm…………………seems like i have seen it somewhere.

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    James Webb is going to be amazing, surprised there was no mention of that.

  4. Avatar
    David Stefanowicz

    Ten year wait!

  5. Avatar

    The hottest part is NOT the brightest part. The extra brightness is the side where light is coming towards us

  6. Avatar

    Why not like, just go there and snap a pic?

  7. Avatar

    Black Holes never existed. You are liars

  8. Avatar

    I wonder how long it would take to realize your in a black hole if you fall into one sence their invisible

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    People who say that the image is blurry absolutely don't understand what they are looking at.

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    ओं नमह शिवाय:|

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    I hope one day we get a radio telescope at the Lagrange point. L3, preferably, so we get the resolution of a 2AU sized telescope.

  12. Avatar
    Alejandro Vargas

    Huh. This along with what I just on linear and turbulent flow something makes sense

  13. Avatar

    Is it possible to use the earths orbit to get a clearer picture, triangulation

  14. Avatar

    It’s hard to prove Einstein wrong when you input his theories into a computer and generate the black hole images based on them.

    Just to recap, “seeing” a black hole is like standing on Mars and trying to receive my home made pirate radio station playing at 1 watt, at 101.5 FM, while it sits in the parking lot of my local 101.5 FM radio station that’s putting out 20 kilowatts above it on a tower.

    Actually, it’s harder… Most sane people, who understand RF, know that it’s not possible to do such things. Real science requires independent confirmation. Something this black hole image will never have. Until other scientists create the same image, the image is bullshit.

  15. Avatar
    Trackstar Garage

    You can shoot photons?🤣🤣😂😂

  16. Avatar
    Alberto Montecarlo

    Just correcting you.. is not that is because they are massive that light can't escape but because their density.

  17. Avatar

    Black holes are absolutely fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

  18. Avatar

    Humans can do anything if we work together I love science

  19. Avatar

    This, is so fascinating. The technology that has enabled scientists to unlock secrets in the heavens…also enables scientists to unlock better and better technologies. Call me a science geek. Imo is pure fun. Great video dude.

  20. Avatar
    Special K on Acid

    It's time to put black holes and general relativity to rest. They are impeding progress

  21. Avatar

    Holes of color is the preferred nomenclature.

  22. Avatar

    Does anyone else remember the science show, on one of the Discovery channels (I think) from around 2015-16 where they talked about the process of these satellites across the globe working on capturing this image? Because the image they showed on that show was literally the exact same photo released in 2019. I remember being extremely disappointed in this "first ever image" when it was the same photo from 3-4 years earlier with zero difference in resolution :/ All of the scientists working on it said "when this is finally complete, we'll have a much higher resolution image" …and they didn't.

  23. Avatar

    10% is a lot when talking about something this massive meaning we are nowhere near a proper estimate maybe around 1% – 3% hell Even less
    Before an accurate estimate can really be made

  24. Avatar

    A white hole is what's on the other side of a black hole.

  25. Avatar

    But depending on the black hole rotational axis, shouldn't we receive not rings but a halo of photons from those partial rotations?

  26. Avatar

    JST got postponed again
    hope starship will be done soon and it can lift larger heavier telescopes easily

  27. Avatar

    So what does the entire black hole look like? What is behind the black hole? Is it a collapsed sun? Where is the "space junk going, or where does it go?

  28. Avatar

    keep the Brown Eye open… you are goin to need it….

  29. Avatar

    They shouldve done a planet of something

  30. Avatar

    when you talk about something forever then snap the 1st picalot of people gonna call bullshit… #sasquatch

  31. Avatar
    Hangmann747 Tinmann

    Why not take a pic using the EHT in Jan, then again in July, then combine the images, and you have a telescope as big as our planets orbit?

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    How is it that we have these black holes shooting out matter at almost the speed of light and they are all over the place yet none of that matter has hit the earth?

  33. Avatar

    we need telescopes on the moon

  34. Avatar
    Bram Hazelhorst

    Black holes matter

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    When NASA launches their new telescope that’s supposed to orbit the sun we’re probably going to see a bunch of crazy pictures 😭🙌🏾

  36. Avatar
    Bohadana Yitzhak

    earth is flat lol

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    Making a bigger telescope than Earth, would imply collecting resources from other planets from Solar System, starting with Mars, moving to Jupiter and it's moons and so on and so on.

  38. Avatar

    You're a great host! One of the best explainer voices on science YouTube.

  39. Avatar
    ThirdEyeShine ॐ

    So we're seeing light from previous impossible angles of the distant universe hitting the black hole at a weird angle? ..other angles of "its" perspective of light controlled and shot back to us using gravity? Woah! Protons on a rollercoaster.

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    This sounds like a job for the Webb telescope.

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    If you slowly decrease the voice track and you increase the music track you'll get a nice tripy music video.

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    The car in the back (right side of the video) looks so cool!

  43. Avatar

    Why do people assume that there's an "other side" to a black hole what if its just a bunch of mass and it doesn't go anywhere except death and the a bunch of mass

  44. Avatar

    If you think about it what most people mean by invisible is transparent or see through. A black hole is invisible because you can't see it directly but you can tell that it's there because you can't see through it.

  45. Avatar

    Have they taken another picture of a black hole

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    black hole boi 33

    🙂 thx

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