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The haka: a look back at England and other teams' responses to the All Blacks' challenge

Eddie Jones’s plan to disrupt the All Blacks from the outset seemed to work as his England side lined up in a V formation whilst they performed the haka. England captain Owen Farrell has been criticised by some for his smirk whilst they performed the challenge, some believe his actions were warranted to rile up the opposition. England could face a fine for their actions. Teams have tried in the past to disrupt the New Zealand tradition, here’s a look back at the times it’s worked and the times it hasn’t

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  1. Avatar

    That smirk was hot

  2. Avatar

    Haka is a war dance, a tradition that connects maori people with their ancestors, if you trivialise that you are simply missing the purpose. It should be used only for special occasions. What would your ancestors think if they live nowadays, used for entertainment is not what is was intended for.

  3. Avatar

    The smirk just shows confidence. England weren’t scared and they won. Whats the problem

  4. Avatar

    Who actually said it was disrespectful? All I've heard is folk saying they loved it.

  5. Avatar

    fk off sjw's..That was an apt response

  6. Avatar

    If anyone in the comment section is a rugby league fan🏈 then u must remember the haka faceoff😤🤯 in RLWC 2017. Which was the best by far😁🏉✔💯

  7. Avatar

    F**k Off. On the field its war. Do you want a team to back down then they are challenged. Disrespect this.. (guess what I am grabbing) …

  8. Avatar

    Its just a game… Dont take it too much.

  9. Avatar

    Owen Farrell you are a legend !!! 👊

  10. Avatar

    The haka was meant to intimidate the other team (In terms of rugby). All England did was try to show they weren't intimidated. Fighters do it in boxing, they don't do the hakka obviously but they try to intimidate their opponent. This is pretty much the equivalent to one fighter trying to scare his opponent and the other being fined for not being scared.

  11. Avatar

    So other teams are allowed to respond but we’re not

  12. Avatar

    Why should one team be allowed to intimidate the opposition with an aggressive gesture? Do other teams have this right?

    Most sports, including martial arts, allow opponents to shake hands before a game. This game seems to promote aggression before the match rather than mutual respect.

  13. Avatar

    My question is why only New Zealand.. Are they the only team that can lay down a challenge in Rugby ? Or any other sport?

  14. Avatar
    David Trowbridge

    Why should every other nation stand aside and let the kiwis do whatever they want? It makes it far more entertaining if you ask me

  15. Avatar
    Stefan Paunović

    V shape musket shooting formation

  16. Avatar

    This is absurd. Teams should just make up their own traditions of showing the middle finger when NZ starts this savagery.

  17. Avatar

    I'm a Maori and personally it doesn't bother me how the other teams react it just adds to the atmosphere.

  18. Avatar
    Christopher Godfrey

    Nz use the haka to try intimidate teams then cry when teams respond

  19. Avatar
    Joshua Lilleker

    We’re they disrespectful to their tradition guardian do us a favour nd fuckin delete ya self their countering w challenge that a while ago was used by zealanders before battle if they wanna smirk nd hold a v formation for abit of phsycological mind games they can stop tryna find disrespect and ‘offence’ in every fuckin thing otherwise stop writing cos no one likes it

  20. Avatar

    Well done by England, don’t let nothing slide by no even if it’s cultural or traditional.

  21. Avatar

    Unless I'm mistaken, this is the ultimate form of respect. Accepting and facing the challenge head on.

  22. Avatar

    Wondering how long it would take to call the dance racist if a white team comes up with their own version of haka

  23. Avatar

    I didn’t see Owen smirking, I saw a look of determination on his face.

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