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'The greatest game of all time' : Celebrations continue for England's World Cup triumph

The celebrations continued after a dramatic and tantalisingly close final saw England crowned cricket World Cup champions. Speaking a day after the final Joe Root said ‘I don’t think you can top what happened yesterday, it’s the greatest game of all time’. Captain Eoin Morgan and the rest of the team paraded the trophy on the Lord’s pitch, as well as signed autographs for adoring fans. This is the first time England have ever been crowned victors of the cricket World cup.
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  1. Avatar

    'An all-time-classic': England celebrates Cricket World Cup victory – as it happened ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/live/2019/jul/15/england-cricket-world-cup-final-reaction-new-zealand-live

  2. Avatar
    arunkumar khanage

    England are born cricketers, they should be World Cup champions

  3. Avatar

    Congratulations England

  4. Avatar
    GamePlay Player

    Ben stokes is a hero

  5. Avatar

    Both teams have equal score. Both team must be awarded as winner. People's winner is New Zealand. The kiwi are real gentlemen. It's rule, who decides the winner…. Error in rule…error in judgement. There should be one more Super Over. Plz change the rule of cricket….. Any way congratulations to English team & New Zealand team.

  6. Avatar
    Vahora Ayazigkbzkbaojvknvvkn

    Moin and Rashid congratulation

  7. Avatar

    Even Newzealand is also a winner this time but they don't get world cup that's all …..

  8. Avatar
    The Flying Pan Man


  9. Avatar

    I am so happy on England win world cup

  10. Avatar

    England is not a winner, its stupid rule of icc which coast . real and clear winners is new Zealand.

  11. Avatar

    Isse jada crowd toh kkr k celebration me hota hai

  12. Avatar

    New Zealand deserved to win the match but England deserved to be a champion

  13. Avatar

    New zealand also winner they' didn't beat in runs

  14. Avatar

    New Zealand too deserved the cup.

  15. Avatar

    England peoples like football more than cricket

  16. Avatar

    Legends say India lost to England intentionally to throw Pakistan out of semis and give England a ticket to the semis.

  17. Avatar
    Dr Mohamed Hazir 7

    This World cup must be Shared..This is wrong..

  18. Avatar
    darling buds of may

    Congratulations England won world cup cheers every one around the 🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏love 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Birmingham

  19. Avatar

    Disgusting Umpiring!!! England was not the Champions but New Zealand team are the Champions for sure. Looters just found a way to sneak out with the trophy.

  20. Avatar

    How perfectly styled is Liam Plunkett's hair? Never mind an interview with England's head coach – how about an interview with England's head hairstylist??!!

  21. Avatar

    Morgan holding the trofy in his hand like no others did in this world he should give to his team mates.. dhoni is best he always celebrate all the trofies with other players

  22. Avatar

    Congratulation england team

  23. Avatar

    You all cheater

  24. Avatar
    Rk creations ##

    Nz real winnet

  25. Avatar

    Eoin Morgan even not leaving the cup in bathroom?

  26. Avatar

    This is not yours,for New Zealand only its totally cheating..

  27. Avatar
    ahmed yousuf entertainment club

    Bloody cheaters on the history of the world cups

  28. Avatar

    Newziland team deserve this wc, totally cheating with nz

  29. Avatar

    Love live England

  30. Avatar

    Pls return back icc what decission to take
    Zimbabwe team

  31. Avatar

    Very nice team England

  32. Avatar

    Real champion New Zealand

  33. Avatar

    New Zealand is the winner not for England don't do the celebration

  34. Avatar
    Shasam Narasimhulu

    Eng not a winner nz is a winer

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    Just, ICC rules trope was England, including umpires mistakes, but real winner is NZ

  37. Avatar

    One, umpires mistakes lose NZ

  38. Avatar

    England Malli prove chesukonnaru pakkana valladi dochukovatam

  39. Avatar

    I have ever never satisfied with this super over . England again proved that how they stolen india In British period same now it's happen with newzland. Pls all of the countries becareful with England tournament. Icci not given correct judgment

  40. Avatar

    Love you alot all

  41. Avatar

    Speecchhless still

  42. Avatar

    Whole England people it is shame for you to celebrate as winning team. as you know both counter matches were tied up. how you recognize only England is champions. Don't you think both team champions and trophy should share both countries ??

    if you see the real statistics England were all out in initial match and NZ only 8 wickets lost. This is ICC offed as gift to the england by way of making stupid policies. THIS TROPHY SHOULD BE SHARED AND BOTH TEAMS ARE CHAMPIONS IN 2019.

  43. Avatar

    This is first time in cricket history….the final was very horror type

  44. Avatar

    No need to use sand paper to win a game ,eh lads

  45. Avatar

    2023 champions will be new zealand.🇦🇺

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