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The Future of Cities After Covid-19 | WSJ

The coronavirus pandemic could have a lasting impact on city life. WSJ’s Jaden Urbi explores how the ways we work, shop and play are changing as urban designers refocus on health, tech and open spaces. Illustration: Zoë Soriano

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  1. Avatar

    Greatttt nice one

  2. Avatar

    I love this ^_^)
    Hope it's possible they way they predict 😁

  3. Avatar

    Commuting 2 hours everyday just to do a job that can be replicated from home Just doesn’t make sense

  4. Avatar

    4:55 25,000 out of how much?

  5. Avatar

    wsj with online service technocrats to force everyone to be in the matrix?

  6. Avatar

    Disappointed. The animated character isn’t wearing a mask lol

  7. Avatar

    How does one "reserve a desk" at a farm or a factory? This is BS propaganda.

  8. Avatar

    I thought we were gonna bring back 2019 😎👍

  9. Avatar

    The future city is a suburb, where most of us want to live.

  10. Avatar

    Let this video be a warning! Is THIS really how you want the future to look? Everything is "digitally integrated" i.e. monitored and controlled. Face to face socialization will be strictly prohibited in the name of "public safety." Don't let this happen!

  11. Avatar

    People prefer suburbs and have for decades. Suburbs is where the growth will be, and many people will chose to work from home.

  12. Avatar

    Vaccine —-> back to normal
    This video is pointless considering a lot of factors you ignored

  13. Avatar

    Too much! Humans will have to be eliminated, and are. This was planned. Patriot Act=Non Patriotic and global spying, Social media=anti-social or human! Technology has gone way too far! Nothing like big brother, big governments having us all screwed!

  14. Avatar

    you poor brainwashed fool

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    Have to get both parties out first and asap! #generalstrike

  16. Avatar

    4:52 "25,000 US stores could close permanently in 2020." Is that supposed to be a lot? What percentage is that? Absolute numbers give no perspective.

  17. Avatar

    Contract tracing is a new thing (03:26)

  18. Avatar

    Yeah, not happening.

  19. Avatar

    This is a little bit out of touch specially to people without access to technology like seniors

  20. Avatar

    I see the future

  21. Avatar

    This way we will be more dependent on phones… This is too strange🧐

  22. Avatar

    CORONAVIRUS is pure BS ,just FOOLISHLY being PROPAGATED around the WORLD,this NUISANCE/STUPIDITY of COVID 19.INSANELY FOOLISH. USA propaganda is this all.

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