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The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev interview – BBC News

The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that current tension between Russia and the West is putting the world in “colossal danger” due to the threat from nuclear weapons.

In an interview with the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg, former President Gorbachev called for all countries to declare that nuclear weapons should be destroyed.

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  1. Avatar

    Is that guy who did let Western predators exploited Russia?

  2. Avatar

    "A talented and powerful country." Not today !

  3. Avatar



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    Mikhail "I shook hands with both Ronald, Reagan and McDonald" Gorbachev

  5. Avatar

    YO Im the host with the Most glasnost azzhole Made a mess and the world got cold!

  6. Avatar

    Only people who benefitted from perestroika and glasnost were the Oligarchs…

  7. Avatar

    Russia should give up its nuclear weapon and let Empire of Good rule the world.

  8. Avatar

    China shouldn't have any type of nuclear weapons at all , they have a reputation of killing over 50 million Chinese citizens of their own in 70 years. Disgusting.

  9. Avatar

    A good bloke. He saw the bullshit of communism and the misery it causes. We now have cretins in the west cheerleading for communism. Wish they could be sent back in time to Soviet Russia to live.

  10. Avatar

    "I won't give you any advice. You decide."

    America left the chat

  11. Avatar

    Just stop bullshitting..we know what he has said..now lets talk about the real thing that happened in Chernobyl..was it an act of Russian terrorism or carelessness of the Soviet regim..this was allowed to happen it was not an accident…

  12. Avatar

    The planet doesn't need human to save。。。even if u nuke earth for 10thousand times , It's okay😂

  13. Avatar

    He blame American but Russia killed million of people in Afghanistan with out any reason.

  14. Avatar

    A President With A Brain Tumor Running A 2020 Campaign From Ukraine To Mexico The Inheritance Of The Trump Bankruptcy Unlimited Legacy

  15. Avatar

    This monster is afraid even to live in his own country,thats how much the Russians(and others) hate him. THis rat will die not in Russia, and will be burried somewhere in britain i hope. A great place for weak traitors.

  16. Avatar

    I swear, I thought he was long dead.

  17. Avatar

    i hope britts will kill him as they did with other Russian traitors, they have big expierience in poisoning their puppets

  18. Avatar

    He is the greatest peacemaker of the 20th century and deservedly won the Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks to his #glasnost the Berlin wall fell and Russia's influence on neighbouring countries got less and less. Thank you Mr. Gorbachev for making Europe safer.

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    Михаил Сергеевич здоровья вам.

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    India can't occupy the land of nepal protest against india

  21. Avatar

    Kalapani is the land of nepal
    India can't occupy it

  22. Avatar

    Kalapani lies in nepal back off india

  23. Avatar

    Kalapani lies in nepal back off india

  24. Avatar

    *In Short: You can remain the Great Leader of Russia! Please don't ever Poison the Russian Federation!!! May God always Bless You, Gospodin Gorby's!

  25. Avatar

    With the recent publicity surrounding the "new arms race" (hypersonic delivery systems, nuclear powered delivery systems, laser weapons, robotics, artificial intelligence) one feels the citizens of all democratic nations should be more concerned and outright frightened by what these weapons actually mean and are capable of. However it seems that people aren't interested in listening to the key players of the past who have experienced these threats first hand. It doesn't help that these developments in arms are sold to us as security, when in fact they threaten our very existence.

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    Notice the way he talks of nukes and the way the US and other western imperialist nations do. We're the bad guys :/
    No need to for nukes at all.

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    The place where Americans bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima are still affected. The place where America bombed Vietnam is still affected. The place in former Yugoslavia where Americans used depleted uranium has left Serbia with the highest cancer rate in all of Europe.

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