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'The Five' spar over Trump, Biden politics surrounding coronavirus

President Trump and Joe Biden square off over handling of coronavirus. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. Avatar

    mask dont matter, distance does not matter AND WE ALL KNOW IT ! stop choking the people !

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Alzheimer matters.

  4. Avatar

    It's a virus, not the plague.

  5. Avatar
    Nicholas Rodriguez

    Masks are pointless bs. Ppl wearing masks are getting sick too.

  6. Avatar

    Juan is a complete tool.

  7. Avatar

    What is too often ignored, is the simple fact that, many individuals who test as 'positive' for 'covid-19', never exhibit any symptoms whatsoever. The reports that so many positives are present in any given demographic are 'active cases' is totally misleading. This type of reporting has been used as a 'scare tactic'of the 'mass media', to deflect and detract from the true situation of the efforts to contain, and defeat, the effects of the virus.

  8. Avatar

    Juan is a joke. Keep him on though as it ensures people vote Trump.

  9. Avatar

    Remember, Fox has more insane liberals like Juan as talking heads than all other networks combined have "conservatives" but it's Fox that is somehow slanted.

  10. Avatar

    Once you have had the covid -19 you won't get that strain again ?

  11. Avatar

    It took 8-9 months for Trump to get Coronavirus with minimal mask wear…Can't be THAT contagious!

  12. Avatar

    How, exactly has Biden "handled" the situation in a way that would put him ahead in any poll? Name one thing he has done to "handle" it.

  13. Avatar

    No gets me somebody be jogging in the woods alone by themselves wearing a mask, in the car alone I guess it stops them from licking the windows it's like a driving hazard,you don't need it when you're around their family members that you're exposed to anyways or by yourself with nobody around, is everyone that thinks that why is usually watches ABC CNN, The view they can't figure out what's that got to do with it? DUH !

  14. Avatar

    8/10 people with get through Covid with mild symptoms.
    If you do not have any underlining serious health problems, you do not need to be fearful. Just as you shouldn't be fearful to drive your car because you could be killed in a crash

  15. Avatar

    The media wants to point fingers at Trump for interrupting but that's all I see the media do

  16. Avatar

    99% of people don’t understand basic biology, virology, on filtration. So what people at large think on this subject is irrelevant.

  17. Avatar
    Jeanne Phipps-Ottenstroer

    Polls are always against President Trump, they are a skewed.
    Democratic Party is Tearing Down our Nation, and Pelosi is just one of the many involved.
    Biden and Harris want to keep us in lockdown, raise taxes and get paid for what?
    People wake up, President Trump has a Good Track Record, Biden Doesn't.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar
    Vincent ElevenThirtyEight

    Guess stupid Biden forgets that this virus is stamped MADE IN CHINA.

  20. Avatar

    I usually skip over Mr. Williams comments. He must be looking at some other picture somewhere else. I don't get where the "logic" of his comments come from?

  21. Avatar

    Pres.Trump has a strong faith in God. We should be thankful that the pres, has recovered instead of being so Negative. Trump will win a landslide.

  22. Avatar

    Everybody, watch out, Martha, has been paid off, she has changed her tune a lot recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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