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'The Five' react to progressive Democrats unveiling agenda to pressure Biden

Progressive Democrats look to advance agenda if Biden is elected; ‘The Five’ weighs in. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. Avatar

    How do you save America from the left? Vote Trump! Put congressional term limits on those non essentials like Nancy Pelosi.

  2. Avatar

    The Mean Girls go to Congress.

  3. Avatar

    What a way to fuc* all the way up to become The President of United States

  4. Avatar

    Fox News STOP calling these pigs progressives…They are communist scum..

  5. Avatar

    It is concerning that two of the members of the so called squad are actually members of the mafia cult that worships its Godfather under the guise of religion.

  6. Avatar

    Thank god no stupid juan tonight. Juan is a bozo.

  7. Avatar

    If the AOC squad comes to power, there is a real chance that I might move to another country. I did not come to the US for this crap.
    So please, US Voters, re-elect President Trump.

  8. Avatar

    The squad should be renamed Jezebel's Walking The Halls Washington DC yeah I said it some of them are on their third husband wow

  9. Avatar

    The five muppets today 🤦‍♂️

  10. Avatar

    God bless America 🇺🇸✝💗 Trump 2020

  11. Avatar

    We NEED to put precautions in place to keep are representatives Equal!! No more of this Democrats or Republicans taking the majority in our Gov..Legislative/Excexutive/Judicial!!! And there HAS TO BE a better screening system on who gets in, No MORE of these Anti-American, Racist and you name it Representatives (The Squad, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama,, etc..)

  12. Avatar

    The world is watching the US as a impending revolt is right at the country’s door! This is literally a countdown and ppl all over the US are on right on the edge are just waiting on the call to go in and it’s over!!!

  13. Avatar

    Most people don't relies the if Biden gets in and they use the 25th amendment on him, it puts Harris as president and with congressional approval she can pick her new VP, No voting by the citizens.

  14. Avatar

    Joe "Trojan Horse" Biden.

  15. Avatar

    Oh good!!!!!! They got rid of Juan. Likely not though, probably on a vacation. He needs to go

  16. Avatar

    enemies of the United States of America, voted in office by the stupidest people on this earth

  17. Avatar

    Pelosi wasn't talking about using the 25th amendment on Trump, she was telling the fare left if Biden get elected the democrats will use the 25th on him and Pamala Harris will be the next President. In the 25th Amendment only the vice president can remove the President and i can't see Mike Pence removing Trump before the election. It must have been for Biden and Harris if Joe gets elected because of Trump having Joe admit he wasn't going fare left for the extreme left and Democrats figured the left wouldn't like it and not vote for them.

  18. Avatar

    Cover Shot Page The 4 Radial Cunts, Planted As Seeds By The ObamIslam Fake Presidency .. We Are Seeing The Final Product InOur Government ..

  19. Avatar

    Tarlov is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, DemocRats are deranged and demented.

  20. Avatar

    Gutfeld is awesome!

  21. Avatar

    Regressive leftists are a disease that needs to be exterminated

  22. Avatar

    She will never be president you will

  23. Avatar

    Well well well

  24. Avatar

    I'm for Trump all day but cancel the student Debt take it out of the pockets of the greedy for profit colleges

  25. Avatar

    Progressive = radical

  26. Avatar

    Some thought that Trump was a twit
    Some thought him a man of low wit
    He was thick as a plank
    And totally blank
    In fact he was simply a sh.t

  27. Avatar

    A bunch of jar babies haha jar babies 👶 🏺

  28. Avatar

    Where is ROSCOE TANNER these days?!

  29. Avatar

    Biden = far left's Trojan horse

  30. Avatar
    #5 Lil Munsters Live Here

    The squid 🦑🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮👎

  31. Avatar

    Remember remember… The 3rd of November

  32. Avatar

    The new radical "squat" of 4 need to be voted out of office. They are a danger to our democracy. Omar and Talib are comrads and loyal to their country of origin. Deport!

  33. Avatar

    Tanner has coached Dennis Early, Frank Norman, Jesse Stirge, Adrienne Radakovic and a session with Kenzo Wong

  34. Avatar

    Sounds like Gutfeld got in the OG Kush before the show.

  35. Avatar

    Fudge these witches who let these traitors to our country in GTFO delusional C_ _ _ _S!!

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