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'The Five' analyze Senators' line of questioning during Judge Barrett hearing

Senators question Judge Amy Coney Barrett; ‘The Five’ reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. Avatar

    Klobichar is just stupid

  2. Avatar
    Jesus was a Palestinian Socialist


  3. Avatar

    Hirono is a man hater, she is jealous that ACB is beautiful, smart, and attractive.

  4. Avatar

    I think we as a country are very fortunate to have a legal mind like judge Barrett’s, to sit on our highest court. May God bless her and her family. It is a big commitment she is making for life (probably).

  5. Avatar

    She WILL become the next Justice no matter what. But haters are gonna hate.

  6. Avatar

    I like your program very much but I would love if Juan had more time and space to express his considered views and then in turn those to be addressed, thank you

  7. Avatar

    It’s got nothing to do with her voting against abortion or voting rights. It’s the fact that she’s likely to hep strike down any attempt to get rid of the second amendment and open us up to a complete take over by the government. The left is all for govt involvement in any way possible. To think they’d stop before taking complete control is absurd. A conservative court is a roadblock to such nonsense.

  8. Avatar

    No one ever addresses the root of the healthcare problem : INSURANCE COMPANIES why do we allow these middlemen to earn giant profits because people are sick ? ABOLISH ALL INSURANCE and medical bills become actual cost for service bills. Here's an example : my sister went to the hospital with a uncontrollable nosebleed, they gave her a plastic close pin for her nose and charged her twenty five hundred dollars. These people need to be brought back to Earth. 🐘

  9. Avatar

    performative kabuki not karaoke. I got what he meant, still. It's a good expression.
    Why do we emphasize whether polls of regular US citizens approve of a nominee? They know little of the job. It is the senate that must consent or not. Are we moving towards the general elections of supreme court members and their imposing new law from the bench the same way as the media wants to abolish the electoral college? That would be a disaster.

  10. Avatar

    Juan Williams you and Joe Biden Hunter Biden and the Obama Administration should be arrested, you for your stupidity and the rest for LYING STEALING and Robbing the American Taxpayers of their money

  11. Avatar

    So proud of Amy. She is a warrior – a true wonder woman who cannot be intimidated cos she knows who she is.

  12. Avatar

    If you’re a democrat, you have got to be embarrassed by your party by now.

  13. Avatar

    Greg–brilliant! Juan… not so much.

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Here Juan is disturbed by a subtle, but simply subtle distinction on the hypothetical that Trump would pardon himself for some unspecified crime (which the Democrats are continually trying to find). Somehow he believes that her refusal to answer that hypothetical is unjustified in that she has already stated that "no one is above the law". First and foremost, it IS a hypothetical, and if she answered it she WOULD be contradicting her position of not answering hypotheticals that she (and most other nominees to the Supreme Court) have consistently declined to do. Juan, like the Democrat senators, just keep trying! Second, If such a hypothetical situation actually occurred where Trump pardoned himself for some hypothetical crime (which the Democrats are desperately trying to find), and the Supreme Court ruled that it WAS Constitutional (which I surely hope would never happen) then Trump would NOT be putting himself above the law – he would simply be following the law (as the Constitution is the basis of THE LAW in our system of government). Foolish hypothetical, Juan! An interesting historical note: preceding the previous election, when Clinton was caught red-handed destroying evidence after it was subpoenaed (about 30 thousand felonies), there was much talk by Democrats "that when elected she would just pardon herself"! The usual hierocracy: fine for a Democrat – outrageous for a Republican.

  16. Avatar

    Klobuchar held her head down in shame with a silly smirk as she should, what a joke

  17. Avatar

    So we're just going to bypass the family discussion in the questioning? 🙄

  18. Avatar
    Cuthbert Farthing

    obumacare, like its racist namesake was a total disaster and completely illegitimate.

  19. Avatar

    Dems: aRe YOu A gAnGrApIsT

  20. Avatar
    Cuthbert Farthing

    Burn down the democratic party.

  21. Avatar
    Cuthbert Farthing

    There is no issue about the timing of the nomination.
    A vacancy exists it needs to be filled.

  22. Avatar

    221,850 deaths 8,150,383 covid cases, 1000 Americans dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' Trump has covid is fake news so that he doesn't have to debate Biden again and talk about his non payment of tax and his fake ballot boxes.

  23. Avatar

    An educated (Catholic ethical/moral lawyer in the mould of St. Thomas More) is an eternan enemy to the dominant 'small hats' , which dominate U.S. media, academia, wall street, hollywood, IMF, politics, …….eyc…etc…. R.I.P. White America !!! …you have beed Judeised to the core.

  24. Avatar

    Obamacare was designed to fail so Liberals can usher in single payer

  25. Avatar

    If you watch the full hearing you can see that Barrett dive bombed, how can someone with such a bad memory sit on the supreme court?
    Does anyone with a head that's not full of polystyrene still watch this Fox News?

  26. Avatar

    Climate change has been racist this year. I lost 2 shrubs, some flowers, and some pepper plants. Oh wait, that was because of season change??? Got it.

  27. Avatar

    Mr Durbin ; you don't know what the constitution says ?

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