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The FEC Effectively Shuts Down. What Happens Next? | NBC News Now

The Federal Election Commission does not have enough members to keep functioning and NBC News’ Dartunorro Clark explains what this means for the 2020 elections.
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The FEC Effectively Shuts Down. What Happens Next? | NBC News Now

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  1. Avatar

    This should make Draft Dodger Don, Moscow Mitch & Putin happy.

  2. Avatar

    What this mean is that the government is outta here.trump is the last President..freedom is here 400 yrs. Of slavery gone

  3. Avatar

    Sounds like moscow mitch, and moscow trump are getting exactly what they want.

  4. Avatar

    have one here he tingking remember that day trump need talk 2 time one time trump 1 time trup out office he samile and the second time is poutine he smile and pround look comme 2 coq dans un pouleaillier il as 2 autre chose as remarquer ses juste avant quil se decide de rentrer dans le bureau

  5. Avatar

    Believe it or not, America is falling…. FAST!

  6. Avatar

    NBC won’t let me be, they tried to shut me down on FEC

  7. Avatar

    do you remember last election i remember becaus just after i have wird insue whit lady gaga and that night Obama almost win almost, and i feel so bad after i check Obama the genie ok the genie is will simth for sure fox and Farrell walk very close. then trudeau come whit the fantastic idee for virtuality tecnologie whit the dream see the moon better then ever see and for Strange Reason lot old movie come back whit so better picture of movie then ever and come the movie whit the one play song whit gaga so Strange moment he cheat is wife right in face and laffing at another person and will smith geni come back and win last time

  8. Avatar

    Sounds like Nazi Germany in 1939

  9. Avatar

    do you no why donalt i remember very good that specific moment is there my heart broke when i see hos win last time just after all that Taylor swift come for no Reason for i do the magic for is album katy perry do the same part by iheart radio sorry neeed say for sponsor but the story donalt you play the same race but all no it learn when bad lower class change for learn class free school everyone aroud the planet whit healtcare free same of canada just for that middel class change for worker class everyone around the worlk having the same or very close work for the rest trump every time i do all the job

  10. Avatar

    I notice in corporate media (MSNBC, CNN,etc.) that EVERY single “male”, if he is black, that they hire, is either an obvious homosexual or extremely “effeminate” … !!

    This can not be accidental, because the casting and hiring pattern of these Eunuchs by the Liberal Wing Of White Supremacy is just TOO OBVIOUS.

    Yet these same individuals from the Liberal Wing Of White Supremacy aka (LGBTQMNOP/Feminist/Planned Parenthood/Illegal Alien Advocates/Democrats) will attempt to call Donald Trump a racist … while they practice anit-BLK bias everyday.


  11. Avatar

    It's all about the acting positions at the white house

  12. Avatar

    Trump and followers and sycophants are destroying this country.
    Now they are canceling primaries.

  13. Avatar

    Presidents aren't ELECTED
    They are SELECTED.
    WAKE UP !!

  14. Avatar

    Ha!! Does this mean Ajit Pain in the @$$ will reverse its choice to repeal net neutrality????

  15. Avatar

    FEC is useless…. it certainly did not stop Hillary and the Dems from stabbing Bernie in the back…. LMAO… hypocrites all of em

  16. Avatar

    Our country has been pillaged in every possible way. Lawlessness everywhere.

  17. Avatar

    Edward Snowden shows how easy it is to HACK into a US voting machine with a £24 memory card
    In a few simple steps, hackers could change the number of votes for each candidate in the voting computer's memory


    How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes group of obsessive tech experts is warning that stealing the ultimate
    prize—victory on Nov. 8—would be child’s play.

    Here’s how hackers might mess with electronic voting on Election Day

  18. Avatar

    Once it goes black, it'll never come back.

  19. Avatar

    Trump has RIGGED the next race to make sure he wins again. We must do SOMETHING to stop this. This is not American.

  20. Avatar

    Wow, now the game is really rigged! Where's the moral outrage from conservatives.

  21. Avatar

    Moscow Mitch and trump must be happy

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