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The fall of John Bolton: Trump sacks security adviser

Donald Trump has sacked one of the most senior members of his administration.

National Security Adviser John Bolton was dismissed with a tweet telling him his services were no longer needed in the White House.

Reports had emerged that Mr Bolton opposed the President’s plan to hold peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David.

Sky’s US correspondent Cordelia Lynch reports.

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  1. Avatar

    A step in the direction of peace maybe. Oh and on a unrelated matter, KFC! No more needed to be said

  2. Avatar

    Bolton is one of the biggest war criminals on the globe.
    He should be hanged in the Hague for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  3. Avatar

    how much does it cost to hire mr pastry by the hour ?

  4. Avatar

    How crazy is the USA? How did he get the job in the first place

  5. Avatar

    That’s one less warmonger in the White House

  6. Avatar

    he had to go, he,s not jewish enough.

  7. Avatar

    The warmonger and freemason is gone, the world is a safer place tonight.

  8. Avatar

    Do not listen to anything trump says.

    Everyone knows who and what bolton is.

    Trump brought in bolton to start wars, that trump wanted, and bolton failed to start them. Trump wanted and still wants to be a war time president, and bolton failed to start the wars that trump wanted.

    This is why bolton is fired, he is bad at his job, ie starting the wars that trump wanted.

    All the countries around now know why and how america sets up countries, and this means trump has found it very hard to start the war, he fantaises about.

    He knew who bolton is, and he brought him in to start the wars trump wanted. Bolton failed in starting those wars trump wanted, and now he is fired.

    Bolton never hid what he was. Trump hired him, as bolton was the war monger national security advisor he wanted, to start the wars he wanted. He failed in stating those wars, that trump wanted, and now is out.

    Bolton has never hidden who, and what he is.

  9. Avatar

    New National security advisor to be Sylvester Stallone?

  10. Avatar

    Mr Trump is "Giving Peace a Chance!"

  11. Avatar

    Hopefully the world is saved from more strives!

  12. Avatar

    Has she had a boob job??…I could swear her udders used to be tiny!

  13. Avatar



    HEY HEY HEY!!!


  14. Avatar

    He fired the god of war? Wow maybe world peace won't be an illusion anymore

  15. Avatar

    Now that Poland has signed up with Bolton on kicking Huawei out (last week), and looking back, I suppose that isn't the wisest idea to begin with..!!

  16. Avatar

    The Bullshit Continues …A Joke Presidency…How did it come to this

  17. Avatar

    So who will Trump hire next for the job? Putin? Maybe Sergey Kislyak?

  18. Avatar

    Bolton was not being suscessfully war mongering enough. Ironically the most successful coup, Brazil, was planned during Obama adm and brilliantly executed by Hillary.

  19. Avatar

    Why's he quoting Romans the clown.

  20. Avatar

    I know jack about us politics I can only assume he was a bad apple?

  21. Avatar

    Trump is NOT a war President.
    Give him props for that

  22. Avatar

    Shut the door on the way out!

  23. Avatar

    Next? The bus is waiting. More Trump Turds go under.

  24. Avatar

    Godspeed President Trump. Time to end the opium wars and expose the clowns involvement in the global human and drug trafficking. John Bolton served his purpose and now it’s time to hire someone that supports President Trump’s policies to negotiate peace in the world.

  25. Avatar

    now Pompeo and Abrams –please….

  26. Avatar

    Bolton served well for 17 months, and that's a good record for Bolton to add to his resume.🇺🇸

  27. Avatar

    In fact, the world doesn't need no longer White House.

  28. Avatar

    People forgot that Bill Clinton created the Taliban in 1995, and sent Robin Rafael to Kandahar to congratulate the Taliban in 1996.

  29. Avatar

    Good riddance. No one in the U.S. wanted this guy. Great new for peace.

  30. Avatar

    Zionist war mongering monster
    Good riddance

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