The EU is to take legal action against British-Swedish firm | Inside Story

by News Update

The EU is the biggest exporter of coronavirus vaccines, yet within its borders its inoculation campaigns have been disappointing.
Major member states like Germany, France and Italy are struggling to cope with another wave of infections, while vaccination drives continue to be hit by delivery delays.
Now, the European Commission is reportedly weighing legal action against vaccine-maker AstraZeneca.
The British-Swedish firm was contracted last September to deliver 180-million doses to the EU by the second quarter of this year.
But it’s slashed its deliveries by two-thirds due to what it calls manufacturing issues.
But will legal action work?
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Retaliating brexit?

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see Patriot Stteet Fighter 11 – these vaccines are killing people Dr TenPenny proves it

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Ok cool but when is it going to take legal action on state-sponsored tomboy girlfriends like mine?

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2/3 less delivery as promised is not best effort, it is worst effort

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AstraZ acted in disgraceful manner,contracts on other meds should be cancelled. UK contributed is playing games and dishonoust