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The economic cost of South Africa's rolling blackouts

Electricity blackouts in South Africa not only leave millions in the dark – they cost companies millions of dollars in lost business.
The state-owned power utility has money problems of its own – being billions of dollars in debt and mired in corruption allegations.
Critics say bureaucratic hurdles are making it impossible to plug in alternative sources of power to keep the lights switched on.
Fahmida Miller reports from Johannesburg.

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    In 1994 South Africa's economy was stronger than Australia's . Today it is a third world country. RIP South Africa.

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    South Africa, is reaping what it has sewn.

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    When you remove the people that know how to run the power plants then this is what you get.

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    There are a number of issues i see people listing but I can tell you a lot of it has to do with corruption ex president zuma stole billions his friends took the same and I’ve seen some estimates say it cost South Africa 900 billion dollars .. they opened coal mines that broke down destroyed all the state owned companies and we are all feeling the trickle down effects

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    Yep. Throw Whitey out. We cans runs dis better than Whitey. Famous last words. HOW much did Mandella STEAL FROM THE COUNTRY????????

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    you need a permit to use solar panels…ridiculous

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