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The dirty truth about supermarkets (Marketplace)

CBC Marketplace went undercover to investigate food safety protocols in some of Canada’s biggest supermarket chains. Based on seven years of inspection records provided by Toronto Public Health, producers took hidden cameras into some Toronto supermarkets with high rates of serious infractions. They spotted flies in the meat department, employees not wearing masks and empty soap dispensers in a public washroom. With the help of a retired health inspector, Marketplace also tested the internal temperature of some foods and found that some pose a high risk of causing food poisoning.

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  1. Avatar

    It's my market place

  2. Avatar

    It’s illegal to film in these stores…

  3. Avatar

    My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families during this unprecedented event. We'll make it through together. I promise.

  4. Avatar

    Its also illegal to not wear a mask

  5. Avatar
    Bad Irish Driving

    Umm and why isn't the undercover reporter and the guy she is taking to wearing a mask???

  6. Avatar

    This health inspector and journalist aren’t six feet apart.

  7. Avatar

    Yay, it’s Asha Tomlinson. You’re great.

  8. Avatar

    This was a great watch! I wish the host wore a mask when talking to people close to her.

  9. Avatar

    The two hosts are not 6 foot apart nor are they wearing masks.

  10. Avatar

    Honestly I had a long week so I can't even…

  11. Avatar

    Try to not lick the key pad!

  12. Avatar

    So do mask even work. ?

  13. Avatar

    CBC: Fear on Steroids Edition

  14. Avatar

    Limit of hypothesis. The host is not wearing a mask and complain about others

  15. Avatar

    What a load of crap!!! That was shot months ago and things have changed. This is one case with obviously not so healthy people> Calm down CBC.

  16. Avatar

    They should of went to Toronto China Town in all those Chinese markets and restaurants!

  17. Avatar

    stay home then and order your groceries

  18. Avatar

    Why are they taking the temperature of the food outside, right under the sun? Doesn't make sense CBC!

  19. Avatar

    Come to New Zealand 👌

  20. Avatar
    Captain Fantastic

    Funny? That dumbass is blaming everyone else for his own stupidity. If my wife was at great risk I would not be in a crowded public place taking selfies of myself in a cord of people during a pandemic…you sir are the reason your wife got sick.. Put that on market place. Hope those cookies where worth it.

  21. Avatar

    I like the upbeat rave like fear music they're using.

  22. Avatar

    Shows that the mask doesn't work!!!

  23. Avatar

    Oh please!!! Use the swab in your own house and it’s probably just as bad!!! The difference is that there are hundreds of people visiting these markets while only you and your family live in your home… that guy is lucky he only got COVID!!!

  24. Avatar

    This video made me go wash my hands 2 or more times. Thanks Marketplace.

  25. Avatar

    Love this series! 😍

  26. Avatar

    yea shut down the comment section for that last video……cant have any wrong think……
    diversity is our strength…

  27. Avatar

    But isn't best before and expired date are different thing? Former mean to be producer expectation of the freshest time, right?

  28. Avatar

    It’s funny they put such focus on surfaces over aerosols. I thought most of the research has shown less likely transmission from fomites

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    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh

    Strange my harmless comment deleted

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    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh


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    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh

    Why delete a harmless comment?

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    The reporter is very brave. Thank you for the informative session.

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    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh

    Deleted again

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    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh


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    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh

    Deleted again

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    Did that guy just pick his nose and eat it ?

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