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The dark truth behind the million-dollar 'black gold' business

In July 2020, US authorities seized 13 tons of human hair imported from Xinjiang, China, and alleged the products were made with forced labor. CNN’s Ivan Watson traces the supply chain of the multimillion-dollar hair business in the US and uncovers the dark truth behind it.

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    This is what President Trump's been fighting against and Biden will just hand it all over to them and continue doing business

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    $ 100 a month.!! Don't you have better things to spend your money on!

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    Fake news watchers wear fake hair

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    Wow CNN you posted something that's actually interesting

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    I'm doing my part, all natural since 1991 😊

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    Cnn so obsessed about people skin color

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    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be estactic with the decision you made today.

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    You really don't need a lot of information, to go is simple it's the same goal since the beginning of time why why people do we make it harder to understand, their condition to follow the rules of that country break them down build them up and eventually let them go and they will never ever forget what can happen to them is to follow the dictatorship what they say to do how to do it and why to do it it is simple they keep their hand on control,

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    The best solution is to wear your own hair. If you don't have any hair take measures to grow your own healthy hair from your own head. You can start that any day you want to.

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    They are QUICK to bash small black owned businesses but don't go into these BIG corporations to investigate…..smfh

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    Every weekend I look at the options. I miss the times when justice could be delivered.

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    Interesting. Never heard of this before. Hope something will be done. trump is the greatest bully China will ever see!

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    CNN crushing its base. I think I’ll play the lottery tonight.

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    So US Customs dont seize Nike sneakers or Apple phones but they go after hair because it may have been produced in violation of human rights??? Ridiculous….

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    I know that medical conditions like cancer which requires treatments that cause hair loss for women who had healthy hair can be devastating! My beloved sister died from cancer. She told me when her hair started to fall out as she combed or even touched it was a frightening reality! She was a beautiful woman with beautiful natural hair. She purchased wigs, but eventually stopped wearing them. I have a beautiful picture of her with no hair. I love this picture because it shows her courage and strength!

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    Human trafficking makes more money than the sale of drugs or guns combined by far. Sad but true. Unlike guns or drugs, a person can be sold over and over and over, all while retaining ownership of said person.

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    Fake anything is just disgusting

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    Wigs are weird. Just your own hair.

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    Get your hair from the U.S.

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    I wish the weave up wig generation goes away . But now its rainbow weave for people with low self esteem.

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    What's the matter with you aren't you proud of the way you look without all this phony stuff hanging off you.

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    By 2023 all black women will be either bald head or no edges or patches in their head…. Black man just say no more weave or change flavors

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    What a hard hitting report! Lol.

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    Go get those weaves girl! Just because someone got scalped you so can have either Asian or Indian hair isn't cultural appropriation! It's Appreciation, RIGHT?
    Dye it blonde and you can have "White Girl" hair…………

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    Covid-19 really got some white folks catching up on stuff. Next weeks video, horrific animal cruelty with "fake fur" 🤣🤣🤣

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    Practically 90% of what we buy whether it clothes, hair products or electronics are made from China in sweatshops. This isn't anything new. The usa government allow the products to be imported here. The USA government is getting taxes off these goods and now they are crying foul. The booming business in the USA is free labor from prisoners. Same thing China does. USA benefited from 400 years of free slave labor.

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    What's the difference from there industrial parks and the United States prisons it's free slave labor hypocritical reporting CNN

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    Everything has corruption even hair that's not attached because of greed and more greed

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    wanderer of the wasteland

    What ever happened to a natural women?

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    Anyone gets near me with a needle, they will have their face shot off

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    Black people them Self's, Is The Greatest *,Whatever they become apart of becomes , let's say( spectacular) many years ago merchants went out seeking treasure😳 and they found the beautiful black people and they enrich themselves with them😳 and today they say they are the greatest nation on the Earth😳I will give U a hint, the nation starts with a (A) also know as (KKK or USA)😳

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    Makes you wonder how China can give all their citizen new organs. . .

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    I am shocked! Something not about Trump.

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    Why does she have her masks down during some parts in the video? That's why I haven't been to a salon I don't want anyone breathing on me.

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