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The Cyprus Papers Undercover | Al Jazeera Investigations

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit exposes how a convicted criminal might obtain a European passport in Cyprus – for the right price. Undercover reporters reveal a two-track citizenship by investment scheme, where “problematic” applicants pay more money. The investigation leads to the highest offices of the Cypriot state, where we are given the blueprint on how to bypass the rules.
When confronted with evidence, all involved denied wrongdoing. They claimed that they had suspicions of the undercover team, that they supported and made a report against the journalists to the Cyprus’ anti-money laundering unit.

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    Bravo Aljazeera

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    Very good Aljazeera

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    Ok listen to me, nothing is going to happen to anyone, Cyprus is the most corrupt country in the whole world, and the reporter and the ministry of police She is the girlfriend of one of the main corrupt reporter in sigma tv ,,,, do not bother waste of time

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    This video must go viral. Im Cypriot and we will not allow such corruption to go unticed. Thank you Al Jazeera !!!

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    30 dislike ha ha ha

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    the dislike is the family members of the nice persons

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    Panayiotis Omirou

    Very shameful for the Cypriot people. These guys definitely do not represent the people of the island. And this is just a sample of the corruption in the island led by all political parties….

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    Turkish influenced media thinking that this is going to damage us… Thanks for the free advertisement!!!

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    The erase my message i am going to write it one more time without names,,,, the banana country is corrupt with administrative law police politic all of them the system is money power for family,,, wait to see the europian fund millions that the take them by politick members family and for the Minister of Justice and Public Order

    she was a lawyer

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    Let's keep it real. AJ is propably doing this to harm Cyprus. However, there is no doubt that everything they show is true and accurate.

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    can someone tell me why the erase my message

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    Just look at the size of the audacity at the lawyer's office, has a painting of Gandhi's march! @15:40, a person who fought against all kinds of inequality, corruption and illegality.
    Hope AJ has good witness protection policy in place.

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    One of the Sentence that Lawyer used ''this is Cyprus'' 😂😂🤣

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    How about an investigation into how Qatar got the football world cup next?

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    We Need A United States of Africa

    Al Jazeera and BBC are doing a great Job in Investigative journalism

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    We all know that AJ is Qatar's pone and Erdogan is using this for his propaganda for turkish cypriot elections …

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    Demetris Antoniades

    More lies from an organization that is known to be pro Turkish and a sponsor of terrorists.

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    Qatar finances and Turkey trains jihadist terrorists

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    We give citizenship to billionaires who invest a load of cash in our island. We even check with the EU if the people are safe. This is actually smart! Bravo Cyprus!

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    18 commercials time to unsubscribe

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    Andreas Trichopoulos

    Exploiting gaps in the international legislation regarding money transfer/investing etc is the really prosperous job. I cannot see why a state official should not help these money come to his/her country. Cyprus is late on that thing, look to Malta, Ireland, Luxembourg, and almost all ex-British empire colonies.

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    You should visit us in Botswana, we are a good country

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    Bureaucrats all over the world using vacuums in law to own interests. Borgias are ruling in every country. Unfortunately, it is true.

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    These people came into office promising they would do something about the Cyprus problem.
    Look at them now. I'm ashamed to be cypriot, I'm ashamed to breath the same air as they do.

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