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The Covid doctor whose dance video went viral – BBC News

Arup Senapati has been working as a Covid doctor in the northern-eastern India state of Assam for months.

He recently decided to dance on a popular Bollywood number to cheer up his patients. His video has now gone viral, with 5.3 million views on Twitter.

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has also praised the doctor. Dr Senapati says his humble attempt was to make his patients laugh and he never imagine that his video will reach so many people.

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    Remarkable 👏🏾👏🏾

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    When you play too much fortnite

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    Don't overwhelm tik tok

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    I hope that man is not married yet!?🤩?💯💐🌸🌷💋🌹💯

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    This is a piss take surely….

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    Vincenzo Ottaviano

    The age of narcissism

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    Love from Turkey

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    Takes 2 minutes out of the day to dance to cheer up the patients and people start hating the person. The person probably went straight back to work afterwards.

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    Theatre performers to pump up fake narrative.

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    Saving lives is more important and greater than this! Thank you for your front line service.

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    Trump is the hero of the world. India should pay more attention to Uighur people. The process of CCP's games of throne is on my channel.

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    "News" – a dancing doctor. Any followup on the news of the teacher murdered in Paris? Awarded France's highest honour, given a state funeral, the cartoons shown in public.

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    Appalling..start by paying no tax..see how that hits these psychopaths.. bbc TRAITORS and scumbags! Never forget trial must come!

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    What kind of a human being dances when people around him are dying left and right.
    Speaks a lot about the kind of people promoting Covid Crap.

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    Domhnall Ó Súileabháin Prince of Beare

    What a load of Bolloxs. Defund the BBC.. Covid, BLM, fake climate change, fake white supremacy, and all the rest is one big gaslighting operation.

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    Flatten the curve just like this mans linear brow!

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    You’re killing it 🥰😍💃🏻😻

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    Dance of death

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    Crimes Against Humanity Boris Johnson Matthew Hancock Patrick Vallance Bill Gates Anthony Fauci George Soros

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    I always dance in the middle of mass death and tragedy – said no one – SCAM.

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    Dat docs a belter

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    More NHS twerking nurses please – shake it while people die in agony at home alone – yay! clap clap clap.

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    People literally dying around him…

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    Defund the bbc. Cancel your tv licence

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    Doc has mad skills! 😂

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    There always has to be a camera around doesn’t there? 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Narcissism at its finest right here

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    Just another empty hospital.

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    Awww what a Star a true Shining Angel in uniform making sick people laugh when he probably feels down he is Amazing and his dancing is so funny and Awesome 👍👍💜💜🌈🌈

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    Mohammad Hashim Bin Addulisin

    Now this is true human not like those dirty politician 😎🥳🥳

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    He should be fired the nhs are not heroes they are complicit in this scamdemic.

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    Germ Theory v Terrain Theory

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    When you're a Crisis Actor but the BBC passes you off as a Doctor.

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    Level Earth Observer

    More pantomime and propaganda from the bbc, what about the dodgy test kits that are ruining lives?

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    Wrong. Just wrong.

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    Louise Angela Bandal Garcia

    This reminded me what Jo Koy said in one of his comedy shows about the nurse who could dance.

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    Empty hospitals… What a surprise.

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    Kennito De Van Gavani

    Wrong Profession / Side Hustle

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    Why don't you report on all the positive tests being returned even though they were never used..bbc- bolshevik bullshitting conpany

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    This guy look sus. Vote him out!

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    It's Saturday Night FEVER
    Not COVID


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    “Fighting a gruelling battle that doesn’t seem to end.”
    Doctor- let’s dance

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    Bullshite. Fake news!

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    You can't dance when there is sick patients with COVID19. You are a stupid man.

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    Staggered by the number of people in the comments who think doctors have to work constantly without any breaks and aren't allowed to try and keep spirits up during a pandemic.

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    Respect to all the doctors around the world saving lives! These comments are abhorrent, written by people who are in the safety of their own home while other people do the hard work.

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