The Coolest Things Sound Waves Do

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Sound waves are all around us, and when harnessed, can do some super cool things. Trace looks at a few ways we’re using the power of sound waves to our advantage.

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Sound Waves Levitate, Move Particles

“People have been able to levitate small objects using sound for years. But applications for the technique are severely limited because scientists hadn’t figured out how to control and manipulate the floating objects. Until now.”

Sensitivity of Human Ear

“It is capable of detecting pressure variations of less than one billionth of atmospheric pressure.”

How Submarines Work

“Submarines are incredible pieces of technology. Not so long ago, a naval force worked entirely above the water; with the addition of the s­ubmarine to the standard naval arsenal, the world below the surface became a battleground as well.”

Top 10 Amazing Uses for Sound

“Wherever we go, we’re surrounded by sounds. Although we usually we take them for granted, they can sometimes be used in ways we didn’t expect.”

How Bats Work

“In the last section, we saw that the unique wing structure of bats gives them a great deal of flight maneuverability.”

How Ultrasound Works

“There are ma­ny reasons to g­et an ultrasound. Perhaps you’re pregnant, and your obstetrician wants you to have an ultrasound to check on the developing baby or determine the due date.”

Could A Sonic Weapon Make Your Head Explode?

“There’s an elevator in the Brown University Biomed building (hopefully fixed by now) that I’ve heard called “the elevator to hell,” not because of destination but because there is a bent blade in the overhead fan.”

How LRAD Works

“In November 2005, pirates attacked the cruise ship Seabourn Spirit off the coast of Somalia.”

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Look into Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Machine. He used frequency to cure cancer. And as you'd expect, his career was destroyed.

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So telekinesis is real
Think about it for a second it's also about brain waves that can affect matter
It's not magic

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Hal ini mungkin tidak di fikirkan orang awam, karena menurut mereka suara hanya sebatas biasa, tapi ketika melihat cara membuatnya yang begitu unik hal ini menjadi luar biasa

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Simple resonance.

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Is it just me or does this look EXACTLY like the actor Jason Riter.

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Hi 8BR

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How many Htz can a human voice produce? I wonder if someday there will be a human that can use his/her own voice as a weapon.

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Anyone here after watching The Umbrella Academy and wants Vanya's powers? Don't tell me I'm the only one…. :^

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I’d like to see an LRAD pointed at Chinas artificial islands.

Jenuinely JonesZen October 31, 2021 - 7:31 AM

What's the frequency resonance that cause you not to be able to breathe? 60htz?

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how to make sound make matter do what you want it to do