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The captain rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean during the Covid-19 pandemic

Savvas Kourepinis is the captain of the Astral, a humanitarian boat patrolling the Mediterranean Sea to rescue people attempting to cross the main maritime route from north Africa to Europe. For most of this year, the Covid-19 pandemic forced these vital search-and-rescue missions to cease in what is often referred to as the deadliest migration route in the world. As Kourepinis and his crew set out on one of their first patrols since lockdown restrictions eased, they face stringent coronavirus regulations and the reluctance of nearby countries to take in the people the Astral has rescued

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    Hey 👋👋👋 hey get up early every morning to go work hard every day making America great with out be afraid of corona virus just like millions of essentials workers
    It's just a little bit cold

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    Basically, human trafficking.

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    Killin time Before SHTF

    Let’s hope they return the favor from this Captain 👨‍✈️ and contribute positively to their new environment. As nice as I could put it .

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    Human beings can be amazing. Respect

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    I hope these people integrate well into our countries much love 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    Openarms, Thank you for this humanitarian service.
    Thank you for every person who puts themselves at odds with you, I'm sure they are less combative under other circumstances.
    Thank you for being a better example of what it is to be a real human being. Most of us are so self absorbed (or forgot to remember).. there are still people in this world whom are less fortunate than ourselves.
    Thank you, and may all blessings seek you, your family, your co-rescuers, and their family as well.
    It takes a huge amount of self discipline, humility, and drive to do what you do…but, an even bigger man to admit openly about its difficulties and STILL soldier on..I would hope that I would encounter such a wonderful individual as yourself should I ever find myself in such desperation. 💜

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    Human trafficking enablers ?

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