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The Boy Scouts and the scandals that plague them

On Feb. 18, the Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the latest development after decades of alleged scandal and sexual abuse. The Post’s Samantha Schmidt weighs in on the fraught history of the organization. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Girl scouts has great policies, no leader is permitted to be alone in a room with a girl. No nakedness or changing together. No one leader in a tent or cabin alone with girl. It is the leader and Co-leaders job to protect the Girls, then each other. No drinking or other stupid things at campouts or meetings. It's really not hard, I did it for 15 years. I loved it, so did my Daughter.

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    ACLU forced them to let creepy weirdos be scout leaders. leftism is the dysfunction, not the boyscouts.

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    Democratic socialist and their perverted morals are doing exactly what they set out to do . Destroy American culture ! Boy scouts are an example !!!

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    From troop leader to priest. Just gotta learn a few more things and these people will be able to diddle again safely 😀

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    so many sick creatures want to attack men, brotherhood, and manhood. they clearly are threatened and want to attack it and strip it of its mantle. some very dark characters with sinister intentions and strings being pulled. From letting children change their gender and young ages to all other crap. between letting the women in and the sickos in that organization to other things, it is just earsed. that organization is pretty much as old as the country and it is American culture. they just do not want men to be men. its crazy you have so many people who say 'never happened to me' so that makes it ok. the country is hanging by a thread, i swear..

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    Once the BS "leadership" embraced anything BUT "morally straight"… this collapse was inevitable.

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    This has nothing to do with sex abuse claims. In an attempt to stay relevant meanwhile the Girl Scouts still exist? The Girl Scouts sued them for allowing girls in. Why in the Hell did they stay silent for decades while Feminists insisted the Boy Scouts be more inclusive? Then the Girl Scouts had the nerve to sue them saying they didn't have the right to drop the word boy from their name. Notice a woman is dictating this and if you think this woman is just an objective source you have a lot to learn.

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    I'm an Eagle Scout. Sad to see how people abused this organization. My troop never had a single issue. It's a shame to see the many hurt by the actions of the few.

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    Some of the “allegations” may be true but I was in the boy scouts for a long time as a scout. Never once did I witness anything like this happen at any time. 4 different states and many different troops and leaders and I never saw it or heard of it happening to anyone I was in the scouts with. I guarantee if you looked into the financial situation of every “claim” of sexual misconduct by a troop leader or of any kind toward the boy scouts you would for sure find a large number of those claims are coming from families in financial ruin because of their own mistakes with money. A good number of these lawsuits are just people jumping on the sue happy train just because they can. They don’t care whose lives they ruin or who they hurt to get their chunk of that cash. They lawyers for the Boy Scouts Of America need to have an extensive screening and investigation process to pick out all the liars and thieves so the victims who actually had the misfortune of getting the perverted troop leader are able to just do more than sue but try to put them actual predators in jail. I feel for my fellow scouts who had a terrible experience this way but too many people are going to fake it to get quick cash taking away from the true victims. It’s just like anything else, their are celebrities who have done horrible things to people but when you look at a lot of the cases there are plenty that get dropped app together because one person tries to jump on for some quick cash.

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    People are blaming on them letting girls and into their organization, when in reality it's because BSOA is having these troubles because they hid years of rampant sexual abuse in their organization.

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    The boy scouts? A bunch of democratic wimps.

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    This issue is really simple. Who sends boys to scouts in this day and age? Mothers. Who sends girls to scouts in this day and age? Mothers. Are women biased against the Boy Scouts? Well gee how come the Boy Scouts had to let girls in just to face a lawsuit from the Girl Scouts afterward? Pretty simple stuff.

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    The boy scouts didn’t have many sexual assaults until they started allowing gay scout leaders

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    Hey, maybe it would be a good idea to let grown men dress up like women and read story time to our children.
    What could go wrong?

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    The reason my parents wouldn’t let me join the scouts…my parents had a bad feeling about the scouts

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    Washigton post please look/see at the people who are very sad after caa act. (INDIA)

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    Sad….in my Scout times, the biggest problem was one dad who was an a-hole. Not a pervert, just a jerk. But the 2 main leaders were great.

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    They died the moment they started allowing girls and trans into their organization…sad.

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    Whelp! Time to convert to Catholicism and throw my cares to the Lord! 😂

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    "God and Country" – Kicking God out and turning your children into warmongers who will serve to fight rich people's battles when the children get old enough to join the armed forces. We need God and don't need war.

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