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'The better team lost' says Warren Gatland after Wales squeeze past France 20-19

Wales are through to the semi-finals of the World Cup after a less than convincing display against France. The turning point in the match came when Sebastian Vahaamahina was sent off for an elbow in the second half. Speaking after the tie Wales head coach Warren Gatland admitted that ‘I think the better team lost today, but that red card was obviously significant’. Wales will face South Africa in the semi-final next Sunday.

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    Wales were poor but how many times have wales been the better team and lost. We never get a result like this.

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    Wales are currently grand slam 6 nations champion's, they started off slow, I think Wales are the best team

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    When you have a player who resorts to assaulting another (Aaron Wainwright…elbow), I would say the better team won !!

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    English media can't wait to dis the welsh

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    Payback for 2011 when they went through on luck

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    I want to say this to Welsh people: because of a red card in RWC 2011, you lost for 1 point against us, and never lost an opportunity to cry us a river on how this was so unfair and all…Today, because of a red card, we lost for 1 point in RWC 2019 against you, and NO ONE COMPLAINS ABOUT THAT HERE, I included.
    Census: you Anglo-Saxons of all colors are the sorest losers, WE here in France are the true depositaries of fair play. Like it or not.

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