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The Amazon fires: Why it matters

The fires in the Amazon are started to clear the forest for farming.

They usually go out naturally but there are so many this year that isn’t happening so quickly.

More than 7,000 are currently burning and jeopardising the rainforest’s role as a bulwark against climate change.

Sky’s Noel Phillips reports on the scale of the problem and what could be done to solve it.

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    Fake News.sou brasileiro,e noticias falsas, a Amazônia e do brasil ,tirem as patas.

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    Its both human and climate change

  3. Avatar

    Ooh. Leftists with an agenda are politicizing yet again another “spontaneous fire” and blaming the president… all those demonstrators… how many hours of volunteer service have they provided in helping to stop the amazon fire?

    How many hours in their lifetimes have any of them earned an honest living?

    So much free time to travel and protest redundant causes.

    To be so privileged.

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    If we could hold off complete inhalation of life, just until somebody finally cracks that nuclear fusion thing ..well it would be quite the benchmark, and an ironic blueprint on our extinction, space bound tombstone to go along with Elon's car

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    Oh no…. Climate change bullshit gain…

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