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The activists trying to stop migrants crossing the English Channel

Over the last three days, hundreds of people have crossed into the UK on dinghies from France despite government efforts to make the route “unviable”. (Subscribe:

One man lost his life in the attempt.

This programme has spent the weekend with rival groups of activists who are patrolling the Kent coastline looking out for refugees and migrants arriving on UK shores.

We spent 48 hours with the so-called ‘Migrant Spotters’.
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    For another take on the situation. 🎥

    Dover: Make Yourself at Home

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    Whatever! The first one: he's free to waste his time as long as no authorities give him the time of day. The second one is just plain mis-informed: the ECHR is nothing to do with the EU.

  3. Avatar

    Why you giving this unpleasant nutter airtime C4?

  4. Avatar

    Extremely triggered gammonflakes.

  5. Avatar

    Activists? Not sure about that! People who go on about aliens building the pyramids are not really researchers either.

  6. Avatar

    Activists? Extremists more likely

  7. Avatar

    Active ‘Patriot’ a social media beggar.

  8. Avatar

    fascists are literally brain dead

  9. Avatar

    How about the UK stopping engaging in war in the like of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc? That is where a lot of immigrants come from along with Africa. Do we need to go into the damage the UK did there?

  10. Avatar

    "Damn those Europeans and their human rights"

  11. Avatar

    And the only person arrested was the sad little lefty condoning breaking into a country in mass numbers. You think we are paying for it now hahaha

  12. Avatar

    Does he nit have a day job, claiming form the job centre, it just shows how turly small minding people, anthoner guy does have a job lol

  13. Avatar

    Just an opinion, but why even interview/follow these people when it’s so clear they’re being manipulated? Wtf is he scared about lool who’s tryna harm him?

    And that second guy is a clown lool doesn’t he have something better to do?

  14. Avatar

    If it wasnt for people like active patriot we wouldnt even know about this. There is another way you know like the legal way! And this clown is only reporting on this because the cat is out the bag. These are not far right they are truth tellers! MSM SHAME ON YOU!

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    Come on channel 4, these aren't activists, they're racist idiots with nothing better to do than ruin other people's lives.

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    The Gaming Archaeologist

    the "We're not the far-right" is the same bullshit often said by Nazis who say "We're not nazi!"

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    Breathtaking ignorance.. The UK takes a tiny number of migrants compared to other countries, despite being responsible for their plight.

  18. Avatar

    Way too much time on his hands 🤣🤣

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    K NT claims she is a teenage girl from Yorkshire today. Last month she was a fat middle-aged guy who claimed to be feminine. Before that she claimed to be a Russian woman.
    I don't expect any Yorkshirisms to be at all convincing!

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    Looks like David Icke let his hair grow haha

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    Competitive Antagonist

    It's just bird watching for right wingers.

  22. Avatar

    If the people fail to put their foot down with what your leaders are doing you will have no country.

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    Silly old git with too much time

  24. Avatar

    Oh the irony, Active patriot pronounces patriot the American way. 😁

  25. Avatar

    I wonder how many he has spotted

  26. Avatar

    It's nothing against migrants themselves, I'm sure alot of them are lovely people just seeking a better life and I accept that. But we cannot allow this channel-crossing madness to continue. Immigration needs to be legal and proper. We are a small island ffs.

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    There's something about a extremist wearing a poppy and sense of entitlement that's makes me sick. He's so special isn't he. Just a wanker who was born in the right place at the right time. He never had to carry his dead children in his hands as bullets were flying or bombs dropping. Lucky man

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    Dad's army of racist boomers at its finist.

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