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‘That is ridiculous’: brilliant bowls shot lights up World Indoor Championships

‘About six inches between the two bowls, so there is just room,’ were the words of England’s Greg Harlow as his partner Nick Brett approached a shot. Harlow’s words were met with laughter by the audience at the World Indoor Bowls Championships. However, what followed was a stunning piece of skill, as Brett produced a spectacular shot sliding between the two red balls surrounding the jack. The English duo went on to win the tie with Scotland’s Paul Foster and Alex Marshall 10-6, 6-8, 2-1
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  1. Avatar

    Is no one going to mention the joke at the beginning? That was some funny stuff…..I'm very immature but what are ya gonna do?

  2. Avatar

    Watch more from the amazing world of sport series here ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/series/amazing-world-of-sport

  3. Avatar
    Rusty Shackleford

    "The way he called it you'd think he was only 3 feet away from it" PROCEEDS to bowl like its 3 feet in-front of him no problem ()Achievement Unlocked "No Sweat"()

  4. Avatar

    Who's here because of a GIF?

  5. Avatar

    I don't know what this is but I need more.

  6. Avatar

    I want the "THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE" audio dubbed over that shot.

  7. Avatar

    El tiro imposible….

  8. Avatar

    هذا هاكر

  9. Avatar

    I play bocce with my Italian relatives, and I can say this is hella more difficult! The precision, tho!

  10. Avatar

    I wish bocce like games were more popular

  11. Avatar

    One of the best sports you can play. It'd honestly a wonderful game.

  12. Avatar

    Since when is telekinesis allowed in this game?

  13. Avatar
    Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    I heard those GILFs 00:09 were throwing their undies at him afterwards.

  14. Avatar

    Last time I watched indoor bowls that naked lass sprinted up the green.

  15. Avatar

    Haha JUST GREAT…..

  16. Avatar

    All the cheerleaders took turns blowing him that night…..

  17. Avatar

    so we're ignoring the "that's 6 inches between the balls/bawls" comment at the beginning? okay..

  18. Avatar

    I know nothing about bowls, and, not to be dramatic, that’s not only the best bowls shot ever, it’s one of the best sporting shots ever, incredible skill.

  19. Avatar

    He was very confident looking before the shot. Exactly the right attitude to make a shot like that!

  20. Avatar

    Looks like 90% of the crowd are about to die

  21. Avatar

    Didn't even know this existed, now kinda loving it lol

  22. Avatar

    Im not even sure what im looking at, im assuming he won, if not he should have.

  23. Avatar

    Imagine a hype caster casting this

  24. Avatar

    It looks so interesting

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